“Anomaly” to review the book by Herv Le Tellier

Not much is explained in “The Anomaly,” but all the characters agree on one thing: The Air France flight from Paris to New York in the spring of 2021 is a nightmare. We witness this horror early in a chapter called “The Spin Cycle” and it’s an example of the novel’s wit. Moments before it began its descent, a Boeing 787 was hit by an amazing storm. Lee Teller wrote: “There is not just a single anvil-shaped helix rising high into the atmosphere, but dozens of them, as if lifted by an invisible hand, all merging together.” The pilot only has time to warn his passengers before the plane descends into a pitch-black vortex. “Those few seconds feel like an eternity, and then despite the hurricane blowing, the plane finds a warm, surging current and looks like a support, producing this intense rollercoaster crush.” Screams filled the cabin.

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