Andy Murray’s tennis shoes were stolen with his wedding ring attached to them

Britain’s Andy Murray He revealed the theft of his wedding ring after an unfortunate accident with his tennis shoes.

The three-time main winner is preparing to work in Indian wells tournament, and now ended up issuing a plea to return his wedding ring.

The British star explained that he left his tennis shoes outside under his car to dry overnight – but they were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.

Only when he asked his doctor about his wedding ring did he realize he had left the ring tied to his shoe.

Murray called on social media users to take action, and lightly pleaded for the return of the ring – to help him calm things down with his frustrated wife.

“Last night after dinner I got back in the car to go back to the hotel and the car didn’t smell great,” Murray explained on Instagram.

“I left my tennis shoes in there. The temperature was 39 degrees so my tennis shoes are very wet, and very sweaty. So I decided when I got back to the hotel that the shoes needed some air, and that I needed to dry them out a bit.”


“I don’t have a balcony in my room and I didn’t want to leave it in my room because it would smell bad. So I thought I’d leave my boots under the car, to give them some air and dry them overnight.”

“Anyway, when I got back to the car in the morning, the shoe was gone. So my tennis shoes were stolen for the tournament, so I had to go to the local pro store and buy different shoes, a different brand, which isn’t the end of the world, but obviously not perfect.”

But as I was getting ready for my practice, my doctor said to me, ‘Where’s your wedding ring? “

And I thought, ‘Oh no. “I basically tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoe while playing because I can’t play with it on my hands.

“So, yeah, my wedding ring was stolen too. Needless to say, I’m in the bad books at home, so I want to try and find it.”

“So if anyone can share this, or has any idea where it is, that would be very helpful, so if we can try to get it back and get to the bottom of it, that would be greatly appreciated.”

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