Android users get a new way to control Google TV without remote – take a look at Geek.

Justin Devino

Can’t find your Google TV or Android TV remote? As promised, Google has just added an Android TV remote to the Google Home app. This is the same remote that Google offers in its Google TV mobile app, although it’s much easier for users who already have Google Home installed on their phone.

Google Home Remote works with both Google TV and Android TV devices. To use it, simply open the Google Home app, select the smart TV or streaming stick you want to control, and press “Open Remote”.

Technically, Android 11 and Android 12 users don’t even need to open the app to control their Android TV or Google TV devices. Both of these versions of Android feature smart home controls with a quick settings panel (called the Power Menu on Android 11). But Android users running older versions of the OS can now take advantage of the Android TV Remote available in the Google Home and Google TV mobile apps.

Do you know who can benefit the most from this feature? People who own iPhones; currently there is no way to control Android TV or Google TV device on iOS. Google has not announced plans to bring its Android TV remote to the Google Home app on iOS, but we really hope it will be updated in the future.

Get it on Google Play.

Source: The Verge via Google

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