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Android AirPods – Review Geek


  • 1 – Absolute hot waste
  • 2 – Sorta leucrum waste
  • 3 – Strongly defective design
  • 4 – Some professions, many opportunities
  • 5 – Accepted incomplete
  • 6- Good to buy on sale
  • 7 – Excellent, but not in class
  • 8 – Fantastic, with some footnotes
  • 9 – Shut up and take my money
  • 10 – Absolute design nirvana

Price: . 99

Justin Devino

Google’s Pixel Bud has seen some repetitions, most of which have flattened faces. So far, that’s it. Pixel Buds A Series – The latest and most affordable set of Pixel Buds is a lot more accurate. They’re comfortable, look good, and come in at $ 99.

Here’s what we like

  • Very comfortable
  • The sound is good quality
  • The local vent is the real deal

And what do we not do?

  • There is no ANC or transparency
  • No wireless charging

Of course, we had to cut corners – there is no ANC (active noise cancellation) or transparency mode, nor is there wireless charging. But that’s fine because they nail the basics. For the price, you should expect it anyway.

Note: While their full name is “Pixel Buds A Series,” I will only refer to these pixel buds for the review period. If I were to refer to older, more expensive pixel buds, I would clarify that. Otherwise, assume that all references to “pixel buds” mean “pixel buds a series.”

Design, features and fit: Basics fixed

The key to seeing pixel buds is to know immediately that they are different from other earbuds, mostly thanks to their inner “wings”. (Google actually calls it an “stabilizer arc”, but pretty much everyone understands “wings”, so I’m going with that.) I will never understand why more Airbud manufacturers Do not adopt because they provide better comfort and more stable fit.

A series of pixel buds on a table
ERRRR WIIIIs Justin Devino

They are small, medium and large ships with three points of silicone ear. Like other earbuds, I offer the best fit, but of course, your mileage may vary. There’s nothing in the Pixel Buds settings that offers a fit test, which has become a staple with many modern airbuds, so you’ll have to find your perfect fit just like the old school: Sense. Yes, I know. It’s rough.

Once you find a comfortable fit, they should fit really well. I have read that some people have issues with their wings hurting their ears, but my colleague Justin Devino told me that they are more comfortable than proxy pixel buds because the wings are softer and more flexible. ۔ I imagine them Can Probably cause problems if your ears are cut off too little – which I don’t know about (as evidenced by the fact that I wear big dots).

One thing you’ll notice about pixel buds (A series and, both, are regular) is that you never feel that “full ear”. As with many other buds, this is a problem – if you use the key points that provide the best seal, your ears feel full. The pixel bud has “local vents” that prevent it from happening, and boy, does it work? It also helps maintain awareness without the need for transparency procedures. However, I would still not recommend them for running / cycling / any outdoor activity including other people or cars.

In terms of features, pixel buds are something (and I mean) SomeMove his sleeve. To get started, they support fast pairing on Android, so all you have to do is open the case, and your phone should see them. No need to jump into Bluetooth menus or anything else. Just one or two taps, and you’re done.

Once paired, you’ll find some features in Android’s Bluetooth menu. You can quickly see the status of the battery for each key at a glance, although you have to open the case with the key in it and leave it for a few seconds to see the status of the battery. Here you will find Google Assistant settings, touch control tutorials, device location features, ear detection and voice settings.

Google's pixel bud in the ear.
Although this is not * my * ear, but in fact it is * ear *. Justin Devino

Unfortunately, these are all very basic. For example, the sound section has “EQ”, but it is slightly higher than the bass boost toggle. There’s also a place where you can adapt adaptive sound features, which increase and decrease the volume in your airbuds in relation to ambient sounds. I thought it best, because when I was working at my desk, the volume often changed for no apparent reason. I disabled him very quickly.

And really, that’s all you get in terms of options. Like Pixel phones, Pixel Buds are designed for simplicity and meaningful features – you don’t buy Pixel products because you want a kitchen sink when it comes to options. Buy them for a clean, minimal, and thought-provoking experience.

While they provide it, I’d like to see some more options – like the real EQ (even if it’s only a handful of presets!) And the option to change the touch control. So far, you can disable or enable them, and that’s it.

Of course, the latter is a bit more meaningful, as there is no way to control the volume directly from the Airbuds in the Pixel Buds E Series – this feature is reserved for regular Pixel Buds. Strange flakes, but fine. You still get play / pause (single tap), track control (double and triple taps), and call control (tap to answer, double / triple to deny). You can also chat with Google Assistant via a long press.

A man touches the Pixel Bud A series with his ear
Touch controls. * Banbanana * Justin Devino

But again, these are touch controls. I hate touch control. You have to touch Just the right place Before they work. Tap too high or too low, and you’re out of luck. Think you’ve tapped in the wrong place, so you quickly tap again to make sure? There is a good chance you just tapped twice. Oh, touch controls. Button, man. I’m telling you all the buttons are where it is.

Finally, let’s get to the real issue. It’s a small, oval thing. It is about the same size as the AirPads Pro case, slightly smaller than an egg and less shiny. This is similar to the case with regular pixel buds, although the A-Series case lacks wireless charging (and not before you ask, they can’t exchange). It’s a mess, because that’s what it feels like at this point. I have tried more affordable airbuds that include this feature, so the shortcomings here cannot be justified by price alone.

Sound quality: Not great, but still really good

Pixel buds are the case behind them on a table in a series
Justin Devino

I confess: I started this review Immediately After completing the Sony WF-1000XM4 review. These are the best sounding airbuds I’ve ever heard, so it took a few days to meet the pixel buds. Compared to Sonis, which are three times the price, they don’t look very good.

But after this short adjustment period, I really started enjoying the pixel buds. I like clear audio preferred bass (and no mud), and I’m not an audio file by any means. And to me, Dana’s voice is of good quality. With the return of the aforementioned promotion boss toggle, I’m very happy with the things provided at the low end.

For reference, I refer to my favorite least favorite song: Fireflies by Olu City. If you’ve read any of my other headphones or Airbud reviews, you’ll know I hate this song, but it’s such a great way to test speakers that I can’t leave it out. Outside of this box, Pixel buds are very well discussed in the bass department, but as soon as you hit this little boost toggle, all is well. The whole bottom end becomes clear and looks great.

And that’s good because there are no other adjustments in the past. From here, you get what you get. Fortunately, what you get is great. It is worth noting that they use the same drivers that have more expensive pixel buds, so if there is a sound quality determinant, there is literally no difference.

The sound quality of the past, however, is fine; and not much else. There is no ANC or Transparency mode, although local vents allow you to hear what’s going on around you without removing your headhole (somewhat, anyway) buds. When it comes down to it, the A-Series Pixel buds are pretty basic.

Corollary: Do you buy them?

Next to Pixel Buds is Pixel Buds, a series of cases
Justin Devino

While I was working on this review, I thought about my time with the Scalcandy Indie Fuel Air Bud. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I reviewed them (time flies when you’re having fun, right?) – at the moment, they’re incredibly impressive for 100 Who were There is even the issue of wireless charging.

But today? Not so much. Especially when you add pixel buds to the ixel 100’s conversation. They may lack wireless charging, but they look significantly better. I would say that if you are looking for a set of buds in the s100 price range and are not fully married to wireless charging, you can do much worse than pixel buds.

And, really, it’s hard to do better.

Here’s what we like

  • Very comfortable
  • The sound is good quality
  • The local vent is the real deal

And what do we not do?

  • There is no ANC or transparency
  • No wireless charging

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