And the meteorological service says that cold rain in the morning with a height of 44 degrees

The National Weather Service said cold showers on Black Friday should be over by 11 a.m. or so, and while their odds are up to 80%, no more than a tenth to a quarter of an inch is expected.

Today’s high – 44 degrees – at least 10 degrees cooler than Thanksgiving – could be even cooler as winds west and northwest can reach 34 mph.

Forecasters said the tri-zone should be mostly free of the first “widespread” New England snowstorm of the season, although any Friday shopper heading to outlets in Connecticut may see some snowflakes.

Experts said much of the uncertainty about the weekend’s forecast hinges on snowstorms – and storms expected – in the Great Lakes region.

A second snowstorm, Alberta Clipper, is also likely to remain in northern New York and New England.

For New Yorkers, one of the effects of those storms is crystal clear: “December-like temperatures appear steady in the mid-Atlantic and New England on Saturday,” the Weather Prediction Center said.

“Lower levels will be fairly uniform across the region, ranging about 5 degrees below seasonal normals,” said the weather service, which provides more details for the New York metro area.

Tonight’s low of 31 belies a 20-30 wind chill as wind gusts can still reach 36 mph.

Sailors beware: A storm warning is still in place in all waters—ocean and “non-ocean,” thanks to high winds from a cold front, she said.

Clear, cool, and windy weather pretty much sums up Saturday’s weather: It sets a daytime high of 42 bands for the next few days, until temperatures rise into the upper 40s by Wednesday and Thursday. However, night lows will remain around freezing for the next seven days.

Overcast skies arrive on Sunday – and whether they bring any showers that morning, likely mixed with snowflakes, is one of the unknowns that forecasters grapple with.

After a cloudy Sunday night, the Monday through Thursday period should offer at least partly sunny skies.

Anyone who isn’t looking forward to rain or even snow may be relieved to know the odds of it raining before then, including any snow on Sunday morning.

The weather service explained that in the tri-zone, “Saturday and Saturday night will be dry with weak pressure elevation and overhead accumulation to the west.”

The sky is usually clear when high pressure systems or ridges dominate. Its falling air, pressing on the ground, dries up and cools.

The Meteorological Service, citing some computer models, said two low-pressure systems – one off the coast and one further north – are weak.

She added that the chances of rain can be reduced again, while whether it rains or snows depends on when the cold air rushes in.

“However, it is possible to turn into all the snow before it ends, however, there is a very low chance,” the weather service said.

She added that anything that falls should add no more than a tenth of an inch of liquid.

Then, for the working week, the weather service said, “High pressure is rising from the south, returning to dry weather and cooler temperatures.”


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