An RPG for Android and iOS, Luminaria Stories, announced at Games.

We already have Stories of getting up. Launching September 10 for all major consoles, but it looks like we’re getting a new one. Stories. Games for mobile. “A new project is underway,” Bandai Namco announced. Luminaire stories. In the Games Com Opening Night Live event, with a sneak peek. Stories of getting up.. It is coming soon to Android and iOS but it is likely to be released sometime next year.

The trailer calls the game “a revolutionary new story” and it seems so. Luminaire stories. It’s going to be a complete RPG instead of just a simple mobile title. The trailer features a number of possible characters and their skill sets in battle, including several magicians and swordsmen. The name of the game was patented by Bandai Namco last year, so it must have been in development for at least that long, but otherwise, we have no release window.

This is not the first game by. Stories. Series launched on mobile. Many of the games in the series are mobile exclusive, with the latest. Cristoria’s stories.. Some games are RPGs, while others are more strategically focused. Stories Shiny. There seem to be some action elements, which we can see in the trailer. Many of the characters look similar to those who have appeared in the series before.

Of Stories. The series is one of the longest running Japanese gaming RPG series since 1995. Stories of getting up. It was originally supposed to be released last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, but it was delayed. The game’s creator says it is best described as a “reboot” because it aims to be like some of the first games in the series. A demo for get up. Currently available to play on consoles.

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