An NFT-focused marketplace where users can create, buy, and sell game collectibles

Back in 2020, NFTs were one of the most exciting emerging trends in blockchain.

The growth of NFTs in the crypto market is exploding in 2021, with many new projects and companies focused on NFTs entering the market.

astral It is an NFT-focused marketplace where users can create, buy and sell game collectibles.

The platform aspires to be a launching pad for NFT projects – a space where game artists, developers, investors and audiences can easily connect and collaborate to build blockchain economies.

In the realm of digital asset ownership, NFTs have developed very powerful use cases.

The unique properties of NFTs make them useful in a variety of fields, including art, games, entertainment, film, and sports.

Besides the capabilities of NFT, the ecosystem requires platforms that facilitate NFT merchandise. The emergence of NFT markets stemmed from this need.

What is starly?

Starly is designed and built almost entirely in accordance with current market trends, which has resulted in a significant source of liquidity for a large number of NFTs in both the crypto and non-cryptocurrency markets. Starly is basically an Amazon for NFTs, with millions of properties.

Starly is developing a decentralized NFT marketplace to allow artists to create and sell crypto artwork to the public as part of its mission to bridge the gap between digital creators and their audiences.

Other markets, such as OpenSea, are not like Starly. The market is currently focused on a popular niche created by Starly users, while OpenSea aggregates and offers products from a wide range of sectors and industries.

The NFT markets are one of the most important points that have grown strongly in this wave of NFT development.

It has developed into the most important foundation for many individuals and projects.

To understand the actual market needs, a team of experienced blockchain members has researched, built and developed the Starly Marketplace with the aim of supporting and developing the creators while also adding value to the participants.

The launch of Starly is the culmination of a 6-month period of intense research and development. The team’s primary goal is to fill the void in the existing NFT markets by providing true value and comprehensive solutions to creators and audiences.

Each collectible NFT on the platform comes with three decks of cards: Common, Rare, and Legendary.

Each pack contains 11 randomly distributed cards. A common deck contains three common cards, a rare deck contains one rare card and three common cards, and a legendary deck contains one rare card, three common cards, and one legendary card.

Basically, it is very similar to a traditional trading card game. Collecting these cards is probably the next generation of collectible card games.

Aside from the monetary value, Starly seems to be reviving a form of entertainment that has been around for a long time in the world. Games are released as large pre-designed collections based on specific content, often referred to as a collection.

Take it to the next level

The creator issues a deck that includes a set of cards representing different attributes.

Players can collect cards and add them to their own deck. One of the most exciting parts is when the pack is unpacked and the cards reveal themselves.

This is what sets Starly apart from other platforms, by focusing not only on the benefits for creators but also on the audience’s experience when interacting with their purchased collectibles.

Collecting NFT cards is just the beginning.

Then, collectors can participate in the marketplace, browse items from other collectors and buy/exchange their cards to complete their entire collections. They can also sell their cards.

High-level collectors are recognized and rewarded by the builder when they reach major collecting stages along the way. Starly uses this interaction as a primary catalyst to take the relationship between collectors and creators to a new level.

Starly opens a world of extraordinary benefits to both creators and fans.

The most important advantage is that transactions on the platform are quickly and transparently processed in the form of a smart contract, without the need for any intermediaries.

The market also has advanced security features that limit the risks associated with participants’ assets and portfolios. Users will have full ownership of NFTs purchased on Starly. Members and creators can also be inspirational, creative and recognized by NFTs.

How does starly work?

It’s easy to get started with Starly. Log in with your Google, Twitter, Facebook or WeChat account to use the platform.

You will be directed to your account profile through the platform. You can change your profile picture and fill in your username, name and email address.

However, since the market is still in its infancy, creators must contact the team via email if they want to reserve a spot on the platform.

To get started, creators must connect the system to one of their social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter or YouTube).

The goal is to verify and ensure that the required minimum number of followers is reached. Content creators can now create their own NFT groups once the number meets the requirements.

Starly will guide you through the process of building the kit step-by-step. On the other hand, the creators have complete control over creating the graphic elements as well as providing the explanations.

The final step is to set a price for the kit and make it available for purchase. The group’s online storefront will be available to anyone. They can now use it to promote it to their existing fan base.

Fans, art lovers and collectors can access the collection via social media interaction posts from their favorite creators and influencers on their favorite platforms.

social experience

People can be reached through social media channels, which is an excellent way to introduce them to the products. Users are guided through the STARLY immersive experience of collecting, owning and trading with a trusted broker.

The most exciting part is opening the package and revealing the cards inside. When the cards are revealed, the collector is aware of the cards he owns as well as the serial numbers printed on them.

Card serial numbers are important in the game because they determine the value of the card. Collectors can sell their cards for a profit or buy cards from the market to complete their favorite collection.

Feature guides

starly symbol

The STARLY token serves as a governance token in the NFT environment of the Starly ecosystem. The total supply of STARLY tokens is 100 million. 54.2% of the offer is distributed at the discretion of the team, 25.05% is intended for the growth of the Starly community, and the rest is distributed to investors.

Users can access various services and features of the platform by holding STARLY tokens. For example, holders have the opportunity to be among the first to access new drops, view their favorite group, join the affiliate program, receive unique badges, get a return on their purchases, receive VIP customer support, and participate in special purchases.

The rewards are determined by the number of tokens a user has, which are also used to rank the membership tiers including Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Flow Blockchain Existing Market

Starly is powered by the Flow blockchain – a trusted infrastructure that powers things like NFT holdings and large-scale crypto games.

Layer 1 blockchain is designed to facilitate the next generation of applications, games, and digital assets, leveraging independent developers, leading organizations, and complementary infrastructure partners.

Built on Flow, Starly will inherit the main advantages of this blockchain.

Flow’s infrastructure is unique. It allows the Starly Network to scale to serve billions of users without decentralization or consensus. With safety-driven programming, Starly ensures users are immersed in a more secure and faster programming environment designed specifically for digital assets and smart contracts.

Another major feature is the developer-driven ergonomics. For Starly, the platform is built to make the issuance and collection of NFTs safe, fast and efficient.

In the end, Starly is a promising project, a unique NFT marketplace with a unique structure.

With so many NFT markets in operation, Starly must demonstrate that not only does it have a unique system, but that its value and benefits are strong enough to attract the community and stand its ground in this competitive space.

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