An Italian man tried to inject a nurse with a foam arm.

  • According to the New York Times, a man in Italy tried to entrap a nurse to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in a rubber foam arm.
  • The nurse grabbed him as she peeked under the theater corset she was wearing to hide.
  • The man was trying to score a vaccine without actually being shot amid new laws in Italy.

According to The New York Times, a man from Bella, Italy, showed up at his vaccination appointment with two rubber foam arms hidden under a theater corset in an attempt to score a vaccination pass without being vaccinated.

Eagle-eyed nurse Philip Boa told The Times that as the patient sat down, he pulled his sweet shirt off a little, creating a small space where his shirt and rubber foam sleeves could be seen for the vaccine. Was coming

According to the Guardian, Boa told La Repubblica, “The color of my arm made me suspicious and so I asked the man to expose the rest of my left arm. It was well made but it was the same. There was no color. “

The Guardian also reported that Boa stopped when she could not see the man’s veins.

“It was made of rubber foam,” Boa added, adding that it was “quite well made.”

The man, who was not named, allegedly wore two rubber foam sleeves and used it to score a vaccine pass in Italy when the Times described him as a “Thai theater corset” Announced last week that people would have to show proof of vaccination. Or at Green Pass, bars and restaurants starting Monday.

There have been protests across the country against the new measures.

Italy was the first country in Europe to make vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers, and under the new rules, workers, such as teachers, police officers and other hospital staff, would be required to fully retain their jobs. Will have to be vaccinated.

The BBC reports that an unidentified man was a health worker who was fired for failing to get vaccinated.

According to the Times, as vaccine capacity has increased in Italy, about 13% of adults still have to get a single shot, which has increased the cases for months and renewed concern about the variety of Omicron. Is.

Although the foam weapons strategy failed, Boa said he was “pleasant and calm” after being caught, but according to the BBC, hospital authorities reported the incident to local police and cheated. An investigation is underway.

Alberto Cerio, president of the Piedmont area where Bella sits, said what happened was “extremely gravitational, unacceptable in light of the sacrifices our community is making because of epidemics.” . “

Boa also did not like the flawed veil.

“It was humiliating,” Boa told the Times, “thinking a nurse can’t tell the difference between rubber foam and skin.”

“I felt angry as a professional,” Felipe Boa told La Repubblica. “The color of the arm made me suspicious and so I asked the man to expose the rest of his left arm. It was well made but it was not the same color.” The man said to him: “Did you think I would have such a body?”

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