An important update about Flipty.

Filipiti is one of my go-to resources for creating fun things like games with Google Sheets and random names. Recently, some Filipino templates stopped working as they actually did. I first experienced this during a live webinar earlier this month. At first I thought it was just a ploy and it would be resolved soon. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Last Friday, the developer of Flippity published an update on what is happening with many templates.

The short version of influencing floppy templates is a change in some of Google’s security policies and how it handles data published through Google Sheets. You can read the full description here on the Filipino site.

Fortunately, some of the floppy templates are working again. And there are some templates in the “Skip Spreadsheet” section of the floppy that work without using Google Sheets. In the meantime, I’ll just be patient as I wait for my favorite floppy templates to be fully functional again.

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