An Alice in Wonderland themed pop-up bar is coming to St. Louis

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St. Louis loves the pop-up bar and many companies are happy to give us another reason to drink.

An Alice in Wonderland-style pop-up bar is coming to South City starting October 6. Described as “Boozy Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,” a single ticket to a 90-minute experience gets you two cocktails and an “Eat Me” cupcake.

From the press release:

Create your own liquid mixes under the watchful eye of The Mad Hatter and expect things to get even more curious. Dive into the spectacle glass into a fantasy world where you’ll play croquet with flamingos, paint roses red and devour an “Eat Me” cake! Solve puzzles and challenges just like Alice and unlock all ingredients to create enchanted teapot cocktails.”

Guests will also be provided with puzzles to solve and will have the opportunity to paint roses in red.

This party isn’t just for those who love to fall down the rabbit hole. If alcohol isn’t your thing, just tell them when you arrive and they’ll mix you up with some great non-alcoholic cocktails.

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The experience will take place at 5800 Gravois Avenue, the location of Lemmons by Grbic. The space is already in the process of transforming and our spies reported that the decorations are looking more charming day by day and that a white rabbit was recently painted on an interior wall.

These wonders have some rules. You must be at least 21 years old to enter and masks are required unless you are seated at your table.

visit To get your tickets before they go up in smoke.

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