Amazon’s new world is in a downturn, players begin to barter

Night falls as a crowd of players with swords and spears lines up outside the door of a wooden storefront in New Word.

screenshot: Kotaku Games / Amazon

The economy of the new multiplayer online role-playing game from Amazon new world He has some growing pains. To be more specific, the currency that the economy relies on is in the midst of a deflationary crisis, causing players to trade in items rather than spending their hard-earned coins.

For those who have not caught the economy class within a minute, deflation occurs when there is a fall in the prices of goods or services. This trend is sometimes associated with the scarcity of money within the economy. Currency in new world At the moment it is very rare, and as a result, it is so valuable that players choose to barter for goods rather than give away any of their rare and precious coins.

according to PlayerAuctions, shooting down monsters, rescue, and quests do not offer players enough coin to make up for the number of coins used. As a result, the prices of goods such as manufacturing materials have fallen because “the value of the currency is much higher than the value of the goods.”

“Trade as 1,000 flax, for 600 ore and 20 eggs, or stellar metal tools for 40 steel rods, are as common, as one would expect to see in a community of hunters and gatherers,” PlayerAuctions She said.

The New World character is standing right in front of a tree in a forest where the right side of the screen contains alerts based on the character's level cap.

ID Blair Witch In the woods if I have to pay property tax in a video game too.
screenshot: Kotaku Games / Amazon

This phenomenon presents a potential disaster for players because the fixed cost of certain items and actions can turn manufacturing, repair, and property taxes into expensive barriers to entry. Kotaku Mike Fahey can attest that the in-game housing tax is an especially crazy experience, as most players can absorb the coins they earn through maintenance costs. Why anyone would want to tax a video game is far from me.

If the deflationary crisis continues, it may become difficult for players to make money, PlayerAuctions explains. “This downward spiral makes income generation more difficult, because in-game occupations make little or no profit as prices for finished products or manufacturing materials become negligible,” PlayerAuctions She said. The site notes that this issue may discourage players from logging into the game if their career leveling progress doesn’t earn them the amount they’re due. It’s funny how art sometimes imitates life.


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