Amazon’s new Astro “monitoring” robot follows you around the house – take a look at Jack.


When shows like. Jetson Imagine the future of the distant future, they introduced foreign concepts like robots that walk around you, talk to you, even clean your house. foreigner? maybe not. Amazon has just announced a new home monitoring robot named Justin’s Dog Astro.

Astro is still far away from food, a cleaning maid robot. Tilt it, and you can confuse it with iRobot for a robot vacuum cleaner, but it’s probably not an accident. Vacuum robots are the most common robots you will find in homes today, so the advantage of a certain familiarity with their shape and size.

Amazon Astro walks through a group of people in the kitchen.

This is exactly what Amazon wanted in design. The company said all but five of the 100 most popular robots had eyes. This led to an easy decision to give Astro Eyes. So what exactly does this robot do? Well, not clean. Think of Astro as a monitoring robot. Slightly higher than Alexa on wheels, but not a full personal care assistant.

Astro can move from room to room in your home and follow basic commands, such as music, podcasts, or other Alexa-inspired activities. But again, Astro is not considered Alexa on wheels, so it’s about to do more than that. This is a monitoring robot.

For this purpose, Astro has a periscope camera that can be high enough to see the tops of many counters. When you are away from home, you can see the stove running or talking to your pet. If you have elderly parents, you can have Astro Drive in your room and check in with them. You can even make a video call via Astro.

The Amazon Astro is enhanced with its periscope camera.

Astro Ring can also act as an extension of the home security system and perform automatic patrols of your home. It can even automatically save clips to your local color storage. Amazon says it has spent a lot of time solving the problem of home navigation, which varies greatly due to different layouts, furniture and even everyday activities such as leaving groceries in the kitchen.

Amazon worked to give Astro a personality, and that’s why it has a screen with eyes. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. During its live program, Amazon performed astro dance and beat boxing. It’s hardly the first voice assistant to tell a joke, but it’s the first song that can take you to the kitchen while singing. The nearest analog is their unfortunate vector, and it is so small that it cannot move from room to room.

Amazon Astro on a white background.

According to the company, the astro recharge will take two hours before it is needed (depending on how fast it moves). Like a robot vacuum, it comes with a base station that will only go for that purpose. Thanks to a custom cube and cup holder accessories on its back, Astro can also bring you a drink. Take out the cup holder, and it’s a simple cube with a USB-C port. In theory, you can recharge your phone, even though Amazon envisages third-party accessories for Spot.

And while Astro can get you a drink, all it can’t do is open the fridge or take out the glass. For this you will need a man. Adding weapons and “hands” would have significantly increased the cost. And it’s already expensive. Amazon only plans to launch Astro as an invitation purchase. Astro will cost 9 999.99 during the invited states. And after that, the price will reach ، 1,449.99. You can sign up for the invitation today.

A personal robot.

Astro Home Monitoring Robot.

Astro can follow you from room to room, check if the dogs are sofas or help you video chat with a relative.

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