Amazon’s Astro can’t take your beer.

Amazon today introduced the Echo Robot, which includes the face of the Echo Show, the sensor-laden body of the Penra Bread Delivery Boat, and a pair of cup holders for a trunk. At the moment it was announced, people were shouting about its existence beyond “a beautiful-faced mobile camera” and “potentially invasive surveillance drones”. Most seem to settle on the “beer feature”.

But dude, a pair of cup holders doesn’t make a robot.

While the ایس 1,000 Astro may have a lot of capabilities beyond home supervision, it’s not going to bring you anything. For one, it’s allegedly useless. “Astro is awesome and will definitely throw himself down the stairs if given the chance,” a source claiming to be working on the project told Voice. “This is a disaster that is not ready for release,” another source told Voice. A robot is more likely to throw itself into a vacuum than to perform the expected functions that it will not catch Heineken from the refrigerator.

It is also not clear how well he can see anything. Both Google and SnapChat have invested heavily in creating a way for computers to interpret the real world without a bar post like guide. Amazon doesn’t have it. It may be a controversial facial recognition service, Rekognition maker, but its color ecosystem has only got the ability to recognize packages … How long will it take Astro to recognize the beer? And what happens when that beer recognition technology fails? You may find yourself with a fresh bottle of field dressing instead.

But the biggest problem is not the reports that are useless, or the failure to prove it can make a difference in the different contents of your refrigerator. The real problem is that robots don’t have weapons!

There is no way to open the refrigerator, freezer or still cooler. It can’t even open a door. It certainly can’t reach the crowded fridge and take out the cold. I’m afraid people think that behind his face are some dock oak weapons closed or are hoping that he will get out of the two coupler robots and open the refrigerator through the suction. They have looked at the cup holders and assumed that there is a way to get these things into them without involving anyone in the other room.

Who gave you that beer, Astro?!?!?!
Photo: Amazon.

But not there. At the moment, it looks like there are no plans to pair it with catchers – or even a supplement. Payload area occupied by cup holders. does Has a USB-C port, though! Theoretically, one could make an arm. This arm can replace the cup holders.

But that arm does not exist yet. As long as you don’t want to yell at your roommates to put beer in your boat, Astro won’t bring you any drinks.

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