Amazon Workers React to Jeff Bezos After Space Flight

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Amazon Workers React to Jeff Bezos After Space Flight

  • Jeff Bezos thanked Amazon workers and customers for paying for the Blue Origin space flight.
  • But some Amazon workers have said they want better pay and better working conditions, not thanks.
  • One worker told the insider, “He should just go to Jupiter and live his best life there.”

On Tuesday, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos flew to the suburbs for about three minutes, thanking some of the people who helped send him there: Amazon employees and customers.

“I want to thank every employee of Amazon and every customer of Amazon, because you paid for them all,” Bezos said during a post-flight press conference. “Seriously, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to every Amazon user and every Amazon employee out there. It’s very much appreciated.”

For many workers who heard Bezos’ comments, the feeling was not at all reciprocal.

Several Amazon employees have told insiders that they have no interest in the launch, and wish Bezos would spend the money on something else, such as better paying Amazon workers.

“I heard he was going into space but to be honest, I didn’t really care,” an employee at Amazon’s JFK 8 warehouse in Staten Island told an insider. “My colleagues and I were joking that he should just go to Jupiter and live his best life there.”

“Certainly people weren’t going to watch TV,” an Amazon warehouse employee in Indiana told an insider. “I guess it was just a big deal for Jeff. We didn’t get anything out of it. Basically fly in space twenty minutes from us when we’re working.”

Amazon and Blue Origin did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Most of Bezos’ wealth is approx. The shares are in the millions of shares it owns, which have risen to more than 5 3,549 since the company’s IPO in 1997. Stock up every year to fund Blue Origin’s work, so those who have successfully helped Amazon fund Bezos’ space ambitions.

But some activists say they have paid for Amazon’s success, and with the expansion of Blue Origin, in other ways they are no longer happy.

“I think he’s thanking us for putting our money into our pockets through our hard work, sacrificing our bonuses and stock options to make that possible,” said an Amazon employee in Indiana. (Amazon’s hourly warehouse employees are not eligible for stock options or bonuses).

“I feel like he just said he had a guilty conscience, so he knows it’s wrong to make money by treating workers like slaves,” said a Staten Island employee. Face.

Amazon has resisted any attempt by its workers to unite, despite evidence that unions generally increase wages and help bridge the gap between ethnic and gender pay. ۔

Other critics of Bessus’s space flight – such as San Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York – have pointed out that US taxpayers have also subsidized Amazon and Blue Orion.

Amazon’s reliance on an extensive network of contract delivery drivers allows it to avoid paying for its health care, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance, and only in nine states. 4,000 workers rely on food stamps, and pass those costs on to taxpayers and other employers. Payment in the social security net helps Amazon workers who have fallen into the cracks.

Insider-speaking Amazon workers also said they felt Bezos should have spent more money on solving these and other issues than pursuing his space ambitions.

“I can think of a lot of other things he could have spent on all that money, better wages for beginners, homeless, poor, mental health.”

“I think when there are so many homeless and hungry people in the world, he will be selfish to send himself into space. He can end homelessness and hunger for every person in the world and He doesn’t choose because he’s selfish, “said Vicky Shannon Allen, a former Amazon employee who was displaced after a long battle with Amazon over workplace injuries and medical expenses.

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