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Amazon Studios exec says streaming device lost ‘Mare of Easttown’ negotiations to HBO

HBO’s detective drama “Mare of Easttown” became television’s highlight of the year thanks to the strength of Kate Winslet’s gritty performance and a dark image of Philadelphia suburban life created by series creator Brad Inglesby.

With 16 Nominations For Upcoming Emmy Awards On September 19, the success of “Mare of Easttown” will be something most studios hope to emulate in upcoming projects, combining star power with storytelling and suspense to captivate audiences.

On HBO, “Mare of Easttown” joins a long list of critically acclaimed TV series that the franchise has produced over the years, from hit series like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” to more recent dramas like “The Undoing”. “.

In a recent interview with final date, Jennifer Salk, president of Amazon Studios, acknowledged that the streaming platform ran into the Inglesby murder mystery, which follows the murder and disappearance of young women in fictional East Town as detective Mary Sheehan worked to solve cases.

“We tried so hard to get the ‘Mary of East Town’ and we lost it in the negotiations,” Salk said. “I think about the process and I look at what our process was going through because I really, really loved the show and I really like Kate and I would have been so proud to have him on duty.”

Amazon Studios has drawn huge viewers for many of its original TV series, from “Goliath” to the mini-series “The Underground Railroad,” based on Colson Whitehead’s novel, and last year’s twisted sci-fi comedy Upload, which has been revamped. for a second season.

Salk said Amazon Studios intends to expand its focus on original feature films, making international talent a priority.

“I think what you’ll see is the acceleration of our film production all over the world, not just for these big, international, and original genres, but also for films…like ‘Selfies’ Love’, ‘Miami’ and ‘The Sound Of’,” Salk said. Metal, “These types of films are really specific and are very influential by artists.”

Early Emmys, fuss about a Possible second season of “Mare of Easttown” He stood still, but Inglesbee admitted it Continuing the series will be a challenge Because the emotional highs of his seven episodes are hard to match.

What is clear from the competition for “Mare of Easttown” is that studios have recognized the story’s potential and will be looking for ways to tap into the same excitement and conversation that it created. For fans, HBO seems to have been the perfect landing place for the series, with a built-in history of mega-TV events to drive hype as the plot intensified last spring.


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