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Amazon delivery driver fired.

that Amazon The delivery driver has now been fired over a viral TikTok video that showed a woman in a black dress getting out of his Amazon Prime truck.

The TikTok video went viral and sparked a round of jokes on social media after it showed a woman in a black dress climbing out of the back of a driver’s Amazon truck. You can also get a glimpse of the driver in the video.

Millions of people have watched the TikTok video originally shared by user @patrickhook01.

Here’s what you need to know:

Amazon now says Amazon Delivery Driver has been launched

Tweet embedAmazon is different ## fyp ##Widely ## Florida ## amazon ## KFCSecretMenuHacks♬ Rift – iLOVEFRiDAY

Heavi has reached out to Amazon PR for comment. They did not respond, but revealed in another statement that the driver has now been evicted.

Maria Boschetti, Amazon spokeswoman He told Fox News. “Allowing unauthorized passengers into delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers.”

The driver’s name was not released and the company did not provide additional details about the woman in question. However, the driver was from Florida.

The caption for the TikTok video reads: “Amazon Be Different”

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User @patrickhook01 captioned the viral video, “Amazon be different?‍??‍? #fyp #viral #florida #amazon #KFCSecretMenuHacks.” The video was first shared on TikTok on October 24, 2021.

The woman in black climbs out of the back of an Amazon Prime truck, then quietly wanders down the street. It is not clear exactly what was going on inside the truck.

A woman claimed to know the woman in the viral video, but it is not clear if that is accurate. She wrote, “LOL! This is my older sister. We know she’s weird. I showed her this video and she freaked out, but she deserves it nonetheless.” This user claimed to have grown up in Ohio but her sister moved to Florida, where the video was shot. Heffel reached out to the woman to see if her sister wanted to comment.

Soon, people filled Patrick Hawke’s comment chain with jokes:

“I just got this Prime Plus membership.”

“Delivery available in 3-4 business minutes.”

“So the Amazon drivers are the new milk men.”

“He was just showing her his bag.”

“You can’t get away with anything in this century with all the lmao tech. Dude is definitely being questioned or fired.”

“He didn’t wash his hands and he’s about to touch it all the firmness lol. Be safe.”

“You must be a PRIME member.”

Amazon: “Your package is one stop away.” After an hour: “Your stop is still one stop away.”

“And his wife or girlfriend thinks it really works!”

“That’s why my new phone case is delayed. Hurry up.”

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