Almost nobody in the United States has used the Apple and Google Cove 19 apps.

The study found that 2.14% of potentially invasive 19 cases were recorded in display notification apps in 26 states, raising questions about how well the system works.

Of the 26 states that adopted Apple and Google’s COVID-19 exposure notification system, only 17 provided partial data for research. Even with the largest install base, Maryland found that only 40% of residential apps install and 9.7% of Kwid 19 cases are logged.

An investigation from Business Insider This indicates that with fewer app applications, fewer reports of infections have hampered contact tracing efforts.

Despite these small numbers, an unnamed representative of Apple and Google said the technology aims to increase the authorities’ ability to fight COVID-19. He said research had shown that attempts to report the exhibition had saved thousands of lives.

The data collected through the investigation does not reflect the representative’s shared hope. Overall, data from 17 states show that approximately 24.8% of residents have installed an exposure notification app, with only 2.14% of Kwid 19 cases logged in later.

Individual State Statistics: Percent installed / Percent reported positive results.

  • Maryland: 40 install install / 9.7 reported.
  • California: 30 install install / 3 reported.
  • Nevada: 50 install install / 0.157 reported reported.

This is in contrast to the UK, where more than 40% of weekly cases are logged into the local exhibition notification system.

There are several theories as to why so few citizens of the US states adopted the app and did not log positive COVID-19 results. One theory is that the misinformation and fear surrounding the virus has led to distrust of technology.

Another theory is that people who download exposure notification apps are more likely to take other precautions such as social distance or wearing a mask. Because of this, app users could not find COVID-19, so there was nothing to log in.

Whatever the reason, only 26 U.S. states have adopted state-level exhibit notifications. In these states, only a small portion of the population is bothered by app downloads, let alone positive test results.

Preliminary research by Apple and Google shows that only 15% of the population needs to adopt an exhibition notification to save their lives. However, research assumes that 15% of those who have adopted the app will also report positive test results, which is not happening even in the highest states.

“So many policymakers, so many legislators, tech companies, experts, all paid for the system,” said Ashkan Soltani, a former chief technologist at FTC. “If he focused on things like interest, effort, experience, vaccines or misinformation, misinformation and contact tracking around the cove. [I think it would have] It had a far more significant effect. “


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