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The Netherlands Times reported that A man was shooting with a crossbow from a balcony in the town of Almelo, with two bodies later discovered in the house. Initially, the police tweeted that the situation was under control, but later escalated it to what is known as GRIP 3, which means that there is a threat to the well-being of the residents.

Overijssel Police in a tweet did not mention the crossbow incident, but said: “In the stabbing incident at Mth Steynstraat in #Almelo, two people died.

“A third victim was wounded, one of the suspects was arrested and one of the suspects was wounded.

Police investigations are still ongoing.”

Earlier they tweeted: “We are with several colleagues in a stabbing incident at Mth Steynstraat in #Almelo.

Colleagues had to use a firearm in this incident.

“It’s not safe there at the moment. So don’t come to this location.”

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The accident occurred on Steynstraat, a side street of Schoolstraat in the city.

Bystanders reported hearing “multiple shots.”

Dramatic footage from the scene showed a bare-chested man standing on the balcony of an apartment, appearing to be a crossbow.

Shots can be heard in the background.

Sharing the clip, broadcaster RTV Ost tweeted: “These photos show a man with a crossbow was standing on the balcony.”

The Tubantia website reported that there were six ambulances at the scene.

The GRIP system has six levels of severity, the fifth is a crisis involving multiple regions, and the sixth is a national disaster.

There are no initial indications that the tragedy is linked to terrorism.

Details about how the two people died are unclear, with the phrase “stabbing accident” being used to refer to a weapon with a blade, rather than a crossbow, that caused fatal injuries.

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