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Old Blue Eyes was married four times in his life, and he had three children. Find out more about all of the singer’s grandchildren here!

Frank Sinatra He is one of the most popular and beloved singers of all time. After debuting his album in 1946, he became known as a member of the “Rat Pack” alongside him Dean Martin And Sammy Davis Jr. He released several hit songs that are still easily recognizable immediately such as “Fly Me To The Moon” and “My Way”. He has also acted in a number of films, including classic musicals, such as men and dolls. He remained a music icon until his death at the age of 82 in 1998, and remains incredibly influential to this day.

Throughout his life, Frank was married to four different women: Nancy Barbato (from 1939 to 1951), Ava Gardner (from 1951 to 1957), Mia Farrow (from 1966 to 1968), and Barbara Marks (From 1976 until his death). In spite of several wives, He only had children from Nancy, who gave birth to two daughters Tina And Nancy and son Frank Jr. Nancy has two daughters, and Frank has one son. Find out more about all of Frank Sinatra’s grandchildren here!

AJ Lambert

AJ and Amanda together at an event in 2007 (Shutterstock)

She married Frank’s daughter, Nancy Hugh Lambert From 1970 until his death in 1985. Her eldest daughter Angela Jennifer Lambert Paparazzi, known as “AJShe was born in May 1974. AJ followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather and became a musician herself, despite growing up playing goth and punk bands, according to a 2015 interview with desert sun. She has released her own collections of songs that are closer to what her grandfather sang, like the songs of 2018 single songs EP. Her last single was a moody piano song called “I Got It Bad”. She talked a little bit about how surreal it was to be the Granddaughter of Old Blue Eyes in a 2019 interview with her Watchman. “When I hear things he sings, I hear them through another filter,” she said. “I hear them as fans, but I also knew them as a human.”

Amanda Katherine Lambert Erlinger

Amanda stands with her late mother and grandmother, both named Nancy. (stock struggle)

Nancy’s other daughter is more private than her singer sister, but she showed interest in photography, giving an interview to Classic Chicago Magazine In 2018 to talk about her grandfather and exhibit an exhibition of family portraits. She said Frank taught her how to use the camera when she was a little girl. “We were sitting around the pool in Palm Springs and he He showed me how to upload the film, pull the photo, and then talk to me about being patient to let it develop before pulling the tape, “noting that her father also helped her develop her love of photography.”Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was nine and it was my grandfather who maintained my interest in photography because of his own passion. It was something we shared together.”

Amanda also said that she has many fond memories of the “My Way” singer since growing up. “My grandfather was very much a family man and loved spending time with us. He wanted to be with his family and always wanted us, including his three children and grandchildren.” Classic Chicago. “He went out of his way this weekend to spend some time with us. He liked to be my grandfather. He taught me how to draw and repaint together in his studio. We were reading the newspaper at breakfast together.”

Michael Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Jr. Son Michael, 34, with Patricia Ward In 1987, but after Death in 2016 From a heart attack, three other people came forward and claimed to be children from other affairs, according to daily MailAnd But these relationships have not been confirmed. His son Michael kept the family’s musical legacy alive and became a Las Vegas-based jazz singer, according to website, He sings standard from the Rat Pack and Great American Songbook.

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