Alison Becker interview | “We are going to our best against Chelsea”

‘So far, so good’ is how Alisson Becker sums up the season so far, with Liverpool No. 1 set to extend that feeling of positivity this weekend.

The Reds’ third game in the Premier League, Chelsea host them at Anfield on Saturday in a match featuring two teams with identical records in 2021-22.

The two teams collected six points from the first two matches, while scoring five goals and conceding zero.

Alisson told “It’s an unexpected game but we have to fight and we have to give everything, 100 per cent, on the pitch to make sure we achieve our goal: to get the three points.

“This is how we will respect their team because they have a lot of quality and some new players and they won the Champions League last season. They did a good job in the Premier League. [season] Well, so we’re doing our best for this match.”

Read on for the rest of our pre-match interview with the Brazilian goalkeeper…

How do you rate the two shows so far this season?

So far, so good. We have a long journey through this season and I hope [for] the best for us. I can see our team has a good mentality, the right mentality, the way we approach matches with good preparation. Obviously at the beginning of the season you can’t wait, the best performance of the team is something you have to improve during the season step by step. We have a lot of things to improve and that’s what we will do in the next matches.

Tell us how it felt to have the full support of Anfield again…

It is wonderful. Football without fans is not football. Football belongs to the fans, and what we do on the pitch is meaningless if they are not there, so having them back in my back, side and front is great. It feels really good and they are really pushing us forward to help us improve. This energy that comes from outside the field is something that can move the team forward and set the level as high as possible.

And what does the return of Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk mean in front of you?

It was difficult for the other players to try to do their best instead of Virgil, Joe and Joel [last season]. Their loss was a huge blow to our team; Not only them but many players were injured last season. But after they’re back again, I’m really happy about it. After all three fitness…again, [there are] Lots of things we still have to improve but I think it’s pretty good so far. In the last two games we played, you can already feel that we didn’t lose much together.

Players like Costas Tsimikas and Harvey Elliott started the season strong as well…

It’s no surprise because I can see what they’re doing in training. Kostas and Harvey, they are quality fighters. Quality players with good skills, good technique, proper mentality, Liverpool mentality and fighting to the end. The last two games were really tough challenges for them and I think they’ve done really well on the pitch. Kostas in the last game was the man of the match, so that’s really important to him. Not just for him and Harvey, but for the team and for everyone else. This kind of thing gives us confidence to keep improving.

You are one of five top players who have signed a new long-term contract with the club in recent weeks. How excited is the team about what you can achieve this season?

It’s great because we believe in ourselves, we believe in each other and as long as we can count on each one, that’s really good. It’s really nice to know that you’ll be with your teammates for a long time.

Finally, how big a statement would it be to beat Chelsea?

I think in terms of what we believe in and what we want to achieve, that’s a good sign because you’re playing for one of the favorite teams in the title race and if you can beat one of those sides, it’s always good to give confidence. It’s a good sign for everyone, not just us, for others. We’ve won the Premier League before and we know we need to always think about our next challenge, so this match is important. It’s big of course, but we don’t want to make it any bigger than it is. It’s the same three points as playing against other teams, so we have to give 100 per cent to achieve that goal.


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