Alec Baldwin Was Given an Unshielded Revolver on the Set of “Rust,” Per the Memo

A bouquet of flowers hangs on barbed wire near the Bonanza Creek ranch where actor Alec Baldwin fired a propaganda pistol at a movie set and killed cinematographer Halen Hutchin, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, US on October 24, 2021.

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The assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin the firearm that killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins told authorities that he did not check all rounds inside the gun before declaring it a “cold pistol” on the New Mexico set of the movie “Rust,” a new court order. Feet revealed Wednesday.

The memo said Assistant Director David Holz admitted to investigators that he should have checked all shots in the pistol prior to Thursday’s shooting.

Holes picked up the rifle and brought it to gunsmith Hana Gutierrez for examination before rehearsing a scene last Thursday, according to a search warrant filed in Santa Fe County Magistrates Court.

“I check the barrel for any obstructions, most of the time there is no live ammunition, [Hannah] The hatch opens and the cylinder spins, and I say a cold gun in place,” Holz said, according to the document.

Holes said he only remembers seeing three rounds in the room before passing the gun on to Baldwin.

He advised him that he should have checked them all, but he didn’t, and he doesn’t remember whether [Gutierrez] said the note.

After Hutchins was mortally wounded and director Joel Sousa was shot when he shot Baldwin, Halls picked up the gun from a bench in the church they were filming in, according to the memo.

He brought the firearm to Gutierrez, who opened the gun to see what was inside.

Holz said he only remembers seeing at least four “dummy” casings with a hole in the side and one without, the memo revealed. He said that this shot had no “cap” and was just a casing.

Halls was previously fired from the set of “Freedom’s Path” in 2019 after a crew member sustained a minor and temporary injury when a gun exploded unexpectedly, a producer on the project told NBC News.

According to the memo, Gutierrez explained that when the crew broke down for lunch before rehearsing the scene at the church, all firearms were brought into the support truck positioned and secured in a safe. The ammunition on the carriage was left in place and not secured.

After lunch, Sarah Zachary, the estate manager, retrieved the weapons from the safe and handed them over to Gutierrez, according to the memo. Gutierrez told authorities that no live ammunition was ever kept.

“Joel [Souza] To his knowledge, no person has been checked for live ammunition on their person before and after the filming of scenes,” the document said, “the only thing being checked are firearms to avoid having live ammunition in them.” Joel stated that there should not be live tours of any kind near or around the scene of the accident.”

The search warrant was revealed less than an hour later by investigators in Santa Fe County He told reporters they believed they had found the bullet shell that caused Hutchins’ death. Authorities said the body was recovered from Souza’s shoulder.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said the investigation also uncovered the gun and expended the casing believed to have been used in the accidental shooting.


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