Alden Capital, known for Gutting Newspapers, Eyes Post-Dispatch

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Post-Dispatch's current downtown offices off North Tenth Street, which they moved into in 2019 after leaving the building opposite the Tucker they've been working from since 1959. - GOOGLE MAPS

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  • Post-Dispatch’s current downtown offices are off North Tenth Street, which they moved into in 2019 after leaving the building opposite the Tucker they’ve been working in since 1959.

On Monday, New York City-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital announced its intention to buy Lee Enterprises, the parent company of Saint Louis after sending, which raised concerns among newspaper employees about their own jobs as well as about the future of ethical and transparent governance in the region.

One said, “Obviously it’s very worrying, but that’s an understatement.” after sending Reporter. “This is like the Grim Reaper appearing at the door of your city.”

Jeff Gordon, sports writer at after sending As well as the president of the Media Guild Federation. representing the union after sending employees as well as other media workers from across the Midwest.

“The challenge with Alden is that they chop and chop, and there’s no one left to do that,” Jordan added.

Gordon pointed out after sendingCoverage of disgraced CEO Steve Stinger, whose downfall in 2019 stemmed from two years ago when after sending Business reporter Jacob Parker began noticing donors to the Stinger political process getting nice deals on plots of land in Wollston. Parker, later talk about his work St. Louis live, is credited with basic cadence reports, going to meetings of economic development organizations and researching deals that raised red flags. He also credited all the other reporters in his newspaper who worked with him on the story as well.

The 2019 grand jury indictment even mentions Parker by name. ‘Don’t talk to me,’ said Stinger to those around him after sending Correspondents who were writing investigative reports.”

The Stenger story is exactly the kind of high-impact investigative reporting that can be compromised at Alden after sending. According to the piece in Atlantic Ocean About Alden, after he bought a Monterey hedge fund Announce In California, “reporters have been pushed to stop writing investigative articles so they can produce multiple stories per day.” Earlier this year, Alden bought Chicago platform Staff were so quickly laid off that the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper had no reporter on the state capitol during the state government scandal and no reporter to monitor the police scanner overnight during the summer crime wave.

“Unfortunately, Alden’s record is what it is. They haven’t been on it for long,” Gordon said. “It’s just a classic play on the origins. They will try to get rid of him for money and then there will be nothing left.”

Gordon said that although his labor union is often at odds with after sendingIts current owners, Lee Enterprises, who at the moment “the newspaper syndicate rather than fight with Lee, we are in a position to help Lee fend off this purchase attempt if at all possible.”

The after sending The reporter who made the Grim Reaper comment has this message for any millionaire who might read: “If ever there was a time for some wealthy, civic-minded people to come forward and buy Post-Dispatch for the greater good of St. Louis, that is. Could that be the original son Jack Dorsey?”

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