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AirPods hit an all-time low of $ 89 at Walmart, but they’re going fast.

Walmart / screenshot via CNET

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Walmart told the world the day before, and now it’s delivered: as a retailer’s startup Black Friday “Deals for Days” Sale, It has slashed the price of AirPods to $ 89, a new all-time low..

Clicking on the Walmart link makes you stand in line at the site, after which you are asked to “sign in and join the line” (similar to the PS5 purchase process). Walmart’s site is already experiencing huge volume, and these new cheap AirPods are likely to go on sale soon, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, don’t delay.

The price is $ 40 less than the current one. Apple Store Price. Costco (subscription required) is already priced within a dollar.; Amazon Appears sold. These are the old AirPods of 2019, not the new ones. Third generation air pods Which debuted. Apple’s Unleashed Event With the upgrade this month 14 inches And 16 inch MacBook Pros.

In his review of the 2019 AirPods, CNET’s David Carnegie said that they are “definitely better than the first generation of original AirPods in small ways that many will appreciate”.

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