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Agency Brief: Engage Fablr SEO works

The digital agency Engage has been commissioned by restaurant group Dashum to create a new e-commerce platform to provide a better experience for its customers.

The work being done by the Leeds-based agency for Deshum is part of Engage’s new built-to-perform service that has just been launched. The team will look at rebuilding and managing the e-commerce platform, as well as performance marketing strategies, including digital consulting, with Desmond’s long-term growth goals in mind.

Director Engage, Dom Merink, commented: “We are delighted to add a great name, such as Deshmukh, to our client’s portfolio. We look forward to working with the team to achieve the best results and see how the company grows.

Dashum, which was launched in 2010, now has eight restaurants in the UK. During the epidemic, the restaurant group launched several creative lockdown initiatives, including first-time food kits, which made their popular bacon and vegan sausage non-rolls available for home enjoyment. The Dashum team is now expanding its investment in digital marketing to promote brand awareness and advance growth strategies to support these new areas of business.

Sarah Stark, Marketing and Creative Director at Desmond, added: “Providing our guests with the best guest experience is at the heart of our work, and it’s important for our partners to understand. We were impressed by Engage’s insights. How we can grow our eCommerce site to provide a first-rate experience for everyone, we believe the team’s digital marketing skills will make them the best partners for us.


Northern digital agency Fabler has won a huge digital brief with Ampel Talent, which will give them the opportunity to launch an amazing new website with a fresh branding.

Emile Talent is a London-based recruitment consultancy that offers a comprehensive range of services to both clients and candidates, from leadership coaching to team development to Leeds and Manchester-based Fabiller to deliver beautiful digital products that Exceeds expectations of reputation.

Nathaniel Chapman, Managing Director and Founder of Ampel Talent, said: “When we were looking for a new partner to help us with our major rebranding and website development project, Focus on the head and shoulders of the competition rather than the competition so that the needs and values ​​of their clients and their ability to bring both the robust design with the backend functionality are understood. We want our brand Take it to the next level and accelerate your growth by focusing on innovation. Our partnership with Fabler will make everything possible.

Geoff Brethrick, Fable’s creative director, said: “We would love to work with Ampel Talent, which will bring their brand and website to life. We are both passionate about our work, and their Glad to be with the team.

“They have allowed us to be creative and innovative, moving away from the traditional corporate recruitment style, to a modern, contemporary landscape. Still maintaining this professional connection, the new branding will be surprising and exciting.”


The multi-award winning digital search agency SEO Works has been selected to manage the new website migration for organic SEO, Google PPC, and well-known independent luxury watch retailer Luxi Watches.

After more than a decade of helping customers find their ideal luxury timepiece, Lux Watches will soon launch a fully customizable e-commerce website as well as opening its new boutique store. Are

This ambitious development for leading watch retailers will be met with sophisticated organic SEO and Google PPC strategies developed by the Sheffield-based agency. Combining a new website migration with the development of these approaches, Lux Watches hopes to further charge its digital presence, as well as raise awareness of its new offerings.

Nix Hickey, Managing Director and Founder of Lux Watches, said: “We are currently seeing demand-outstrap supply in the luxury watch world, but our expert sourcing team can find watches that match our customer’s wish lists. In addition, it is important that our website exemplifies the quality of services we offer our clients, as well as our ability to be found through our strong SEO and PPC positioning. SEOWorks really wanted to work with us and we got a version that has been around for over a decade. “

Alex Hill, Director of SEO Works, added: “Nick and his team at Lux Watches only deal with the best and most luxurious and aspiring products in their field, and they deserve a digital service and online shop front. For those who match it and run the right prescription, for the customer, the joint launch of their new website and new boutique store will provide us with the best ammunition for advancing campaigns and achieving great success for them. ۔

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