After the policy changes, the first cannabis delivery app lands on the App Store

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After the policy changes, the first cannabis delivery app lands on the App Store

The first app to offer cannabis shipments came a month after the Apple Store changed its Apple Store policies, allowing apps to handle sales through legal dispensaries.

Apple made a change to the App Store’s policies on June 7, introducing a number of changes to the rules about what apps offered for download can do. The changes include easing the ban on in-app sales at licensed and legal pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries, and it’s been a month since the first app to benefit from the change.

The first app available on the Aizaw App Store that can facilitate the purchase and delivery of cannabis in the United States. Although Ease has offered sales through its website, this new app is considered more convenient, as the same transactions can be performed without directing users to the browser.

The app includes registration, identity verification, receipts for payments and orders, as well as on-demand delivery and order tracking. Sales are limited to those 21 years of age or older, and with multiple customer identification confirmations throughout the purchase and delivery process.

To keep the service legal, App Jeffence makes purchases in areas where cannabis is legal. Currently, the service reaches across California, and delivery will begin in Michigan in late July.

“Ease has always been about using state-of-the-art technology to make legal cannabis purchases more accessible,” said Roselio Choi, CEO of Ease. “It’s hard to understand how important this is to our company and the industry.”

Although Apple has been progressive in allowing apps for the sale of cannabis in the App Store, Google’s Play Store policy prohibits apps that sell “legally,” marijuana or related products. Allow sales.

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