After 9 years on Android / Windows, I’m the most at Apple.

With year-round product launches around us, we rarely take a step back and talk about “experience.” Not only the experience of using a particular device, but also how well it works with other gadgets like your laptop and tablet. It’s an ecosystem experience that all companies try to achieve, but not all are equally successful. For nine years, I’ve been a Windows and Android user exclusively, but over the last year or so something has changed – I’ve changed the MacBook and the iPhone.

Not only that, I’m lucky to own four Apple devices: iPhone 12, Apple Watch SE, iPad Air 4, and MacBook Air. These four devices work so seamlessly with each other that they blend into both my work life and my personal life. Why I, and so many people like me, like the Apple ecosystem.

What exactly is Apple’s ecosystem?

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The Apple Ecosystem is not something you can buy from the Apple Store. Instead, it means working seamlessly with Apple’s various devices, giving you a better experience than any other brand that can offer a range of its products. This is because Apple does not design its products around a single device, but around the ecosystem. Can be used to enhance.

‘Everything works!’

Entering Apple’s ecosystem is like entering a place where “everything just works” – you may have heard that phrase from long-term Apple users. Let me explain with real world scenarios what it really means.

For example, your smartphone is lying in another room while you are working at your office desk. What would you do if it rang? Get up from your chair, go to another room, and pick up the call. Not in Apple’s ecosystem! You can pick up the call on your MacBook, Watch, or iPad when your iPhone rings. It’s just so comfortable! Plus, you can make calls from your non-iPhone Apple products, including your MacBook. All you need to do is click on any phone number that appears in Contacts, Calendar, Safari, or Messages.

The iPhone not only works as a standalone device but also offers the ability to work with every other Apple device. There are times when I start noting something on my iPhone or writing an email, but I need a big screen and keyboard to hurry it up. Apple offers a feature called Hands Off that lets you initiate a process like writing an email on your iPhone and ending it on a Mac. You can start creating a presentation and finish it on your iPad with the help of Apple Pencil.

IPads, iPhones, and iPods.
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Let’s take another example: What would you do if you were reading something on your phone and wanted to read it on the big screen? Typically, a person chooses their tablet or laptop and goes to the same website to find the article they were reading. In the case of Apple products, if there is something open on Safari on your iPhone, you pick up your iPad or MacBook, and at the bottom a small Safari icon will appear that will take you to the same page of your iPhone. Lets go One click / tap.

There are times when I’m in a meeting, and there’s a power outage, which means Wi-Fi is disconnected. So, do I have to wait for the Wi-Fi network to rejoin my meeting or fiddle with my phone to turn on the hotspot? Not with the Apple ecosystem. The company offers a feature called Instant Hotspot, which lets your Mac remotely activate a personal hotspot on your iPhone and connect the Mac to it. It all happens without even touching my iPhone.

Thanks, continuity!

Apple makes its applications available on a variety of devices, including Safari, FaceTime, Weather, and more. Therefore, the user can expect the same to work between devices. The content of all these apps is synchronized with the help of iCloud which is Apple’s cloud service. This feature is called continuity, and it enables seamless interaction between Apple devices.

Another continuation feature is the sidecar, which lets you expand your workspace by using your iPad as a second display. It works when I have to cover events or when I’m designing in Illustrator with the help of Apple Pencil on iPad. To get started, you can easily drag your content from MacBook to your iPad.

Continuity also works when I receive a document that I need to sign via email while on my MacBook. The Continuity Markup feature lets me sign documents on the iPad while they’re on the MacBook. You don’t even have to pick up your phone if you need to send an SMS. This can be done with the MacBook while you’re working.

MacBook and iPad showing continuity.

When I had a Windows laptop and an Android phone and I needed to scan a document, I would scan it on the phone and send it to the laptop via the Bluetooth or My Phone app, in a matter of minutes. Seemed. Inside the Apple Ecosystem, you can scan a document on your iPhone, and it will automatically appear on your Mac. All you have to do is choose. Insert a picture. From the File menu, click More. Take a picture Or Scan documents.. It allows the iPhone to click on an image or scan a document, and a version is immediately available as a PDF in Finder.

There are times when I need to copy something on my phone but stick it on my laptop. Apple’s ecosystem allows you to copy things like photos, text, or videos from your iPhone and then paste them onto your nearest Mac. It’s as simple as it sounds, thanks to the universal clipboard.

Airdrop is a good ascent.

As a product reviewer, I often need to transfer a lot of photos from my smartphone to my laptop. Previously, with my non-Apple setup, I had to plug my smartphone into my laptop to transfer images faster. However, Apple’s ecosystem changes all that with AirDrop. This feature allows you to share files between MacBook, iPhone and iPad with a single tap. Specifically, AirDrop is peer-to-peer and works even without a Wi-Fi network!

What am I waiting for?

Universal control over MacOS Monterey at Apple's WWDC event.

I’m looking forward to more features with the latest version of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and MacOS Monterey, each operating system. For example, Apple will offer Universal Control, which will allow you to move your cursor from Mac to your iPad without interruption, allowing you to move a keyboard and mouse / trackpad between devices. Will be able to use. To make it work, you just have to put your tools together!

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