Afghanistan Live News: UK warns of terrorist threat from Kabul airport as evacuations enter desperate final phase | world News

The US joins Australia and the UK in advising against airport travel

Blinken says as many as 1,500 Americans are still in Afghanistan

Australia warns its citizens against traveling to Kabul airport

Australia has joined the United Kingdom in warning its citizens against traveling to Kabul airport, citing the hazardous conditions there, and the latest update to Australian travel advice, published today, says:

mode in Afghanistan It remains highly volatile and dangerous.

Be aware of the potential for violence and security threats with large crowds. There is a persistent and severe threat of terrorist attacks. Do not fly into Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you are in the airport area, go to a safe place and wait for further advice.”

Allied forces begin to finish evacuations

UK Foreign Office warns of ‘persistent and high threat of terrorist attack’



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