Afghanistan: ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Kabul airport in telegram message

Terrorist group Problems He claimed responsibility for the attack on Acceptance The airport that killed dozens.

Share group members photos on cable A network of “martyr” demonstrators in front of the ISIS flag, holding a pistol and wearing an explosive vest.

The attack, which took place earlier on Thursday, saw two suicide bombers and gunmen attack crowds of Afghans as they poured into Kabul airport.

Dozens were killed, including 11 Marines, a Navy medic and another military member, according to US officials. They said 12 other soldiers were wounded and warned the death toll could rise.

One of the bombers hit people who were standing knee-deep in the sewage canal.

According to a statement published by its Arabic-language propaganda agency Amaq, the movement announced that more than 150 people – including civilians, US forces and Taliban fighters – were killed or injured in the suicide bombing.

A photo purportedly showing an ISIS fighter who carried out a bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday


ISIS claimed that the attacker came within five meters of US forces who were supervising the collection of documents for those seeking to leave Afghanistan On evacuation flights before detonating the device.

A US official said earlier that the attack was believed to have been carried out by ISIS. The group’s affiliate in Afghanistan, known as Isis-K, is far more extreme than the Taliban.

The name given to him by the group indicates that he is an Afghan national from Logar province, south of the capital.

The last claim of ISIS to launch an attack on the Taliban was on August 14, the day before to take control of Kabul, it has been reported independentSecurity reporter. There were six in the previous month.

People tend to a wounded man near the site of a deadly explosion outside Kabul airport


Western officials warned of a major attack, and urged people to leave the airport, but this advice was largely undone by Afghans desperate to flee the country in the past few days of the US-led evacuation before the US officially ended its 20-year existence. On August 31.

The US general overseeing the evacuation from Afghanistan said the US would “pursue” the perpetrators of the attacks if they could be found.

“We expect these attacks to continue,” General Frank McKenzie said, adding that Taliban leaders were asked to take additional security measures to prevent another suicide bombing in the vicinity of the airport.

He said he had seen no indication that the Taliban had allowed Thursday’s attacks to happen.

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