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Evacuation efforts have been in a race against time as countries try to get vulnerable Afghans and their citizens out of Afghanistan as the August 31 deadline approaches.

it comes Two explosions occurred outside Kabul airport Today, Thursday, it resulted in deaths and injuries.

Tens of thousands of people have been moved out of the country since August 13, two days before the Taliban took control of Kabul.

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Baby passed on barbed wire reunited with her mother

There is much to be evacuated, but some countries have already halted their efforts, amid warnings of a terrorist attack, and said some people will be left behind.

Sky News looks at global evacuation efforts:

United States of America

Evacuees (approx): 88,000, including 4,500 Americans

Operation ends: August 31

The Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said about 4,500 Americans had been airlifted, and diplomats were in contact with another 500. The United States believes that about 1,500 American citizens remain in Afghanistan.

A US Marine escorts a family during an evacuation operation at Kabul airport
A US Marine escorts a family during an evacuation operation at Kabul airport

The commander of the US military’s European Command said on Wednesday that more than 7,000 evacuees from Afghanistan have been airlifted to eight locations across Europe, particularly in Germany and Italy. They will then finalize their visas there before resettling in the United States.

The US military will continue evacuations from Kabul airport until the August 31 deadline if necessary, but says that in the past two days it will prioritize the withdrawal of US troops and military equipment.

United kingdom

Evacuees (approx): 15,000

Operation ends: August 31

Boris Johnson confirmed that 15,000 people have now left as part of the eviction process that began in April.

Members of the British Armed Forces continue to participate in the evacuation of authorized personnel from Kabul Airport, in Kabul, Afghanistan from 19 to 22 August.  Copyright LPhot Ben Shread / UK MOD Crown
Members of the British Armed Forces participated in the evacuation of authorized personnel from Kabul Airport. Pic: Mod

Armed Forces Minister James Hebby said that since August 13, 12,279 people, including 1,988 people, have been evacuated on eight RAF flights over the past 24 hours.

Among the evacuees so far, reports have varied between 5,500-7,000 Afghans and their families.

According to reports, around 2,000 people eligible for the British government’s resettlement program – the Afghan Resettlement and Assistance Policy (ARAP) – remain in Afghanistan, but the UK has been hoping to evacuate more in the coming days.

However, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace acknowledged that not all eligible persons would be evacuated by the deadline.


Evacuees (approx.): 2,100

Process ends: Friday

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How did the Taliban pay the price for its takeover?

France confirmed that it will not be able to evacuate people from Afghanistan after Friday.

Prime Minister Jan Castilles told RTL radio that the airlift operations “will continue until tomorrow evening”.

French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebari said reports indicate that France has evacuated at least 2,000 Afghans and 100 French since the start of the operation on August 16, with “a few dozen” French nationals remaining in Afghanistan.


Evacuated (approx): 5100

Process ends: unclear

The German army has reportedly managed to safely evacuate more than 5,100 people, including more than 3,600 Afghans.

More than 5,000 people were evacuated by Germany
More than 5,000 people were evacuated by Germany

On Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said it believed more than 200 German nationals were still in Afghanistan.

State Department spokesman Christopher Berger said there was “foggy” about the number of those still remaining.

Chancellor Angela Merkel told parliament on Wednesday that evacuation efforts would continue “for as long as possible,” although reports indicated Germany would end operations as soon as Thursday.


Evacuees (approx): 4400

Operation ends: Italian government hasn’t said yet

The country’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that a total of 4,400 Afghans who worked with Italian foundations and charities were flown to safety.

The Italian Defense Ministry said a plane leaving on Thursday came under fire, but the plane was not damaged.

Taliban fighters pose for a photo in Kabul, Afghanistan
Taliban fighters pose for a photo in Kabul, Afghanistan


Evacuated (approx): 1,000+

Process ends: today

The Dutch government said in a letter: “The United States has informed the Netherlands that it must leave today and will likely make the last flights later today.”

He described the situation as a “painful moment” because people eligible for evacuation would be left behind.

The Dutch government has reportedly conducted 16 evacuation flights from Kabul to countries in the Middle East, with nine flights transporting evacuees to the Netherlands.


Evacuated (approx): 1,000

Process ends: completed on Wednesday

Denmark has already suspended airlifts of evacuees from Kabul, with Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen warning that it is no longer safe. The last airlift transported 90 passengers from Afghanistan.


Evacuees (approx): 1400

Process finished: Already completed

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said the country ended evacuation efforts on Wednesday after the United States warned of an imminent terrorist attack.

Its last flight left for Islamabad, Pakistan, on Wednesday evening.

Belgium has evacuated about 1,400 people
Belgium has evacuated about 1,400 people


Evacuated (approx): 771

Process ends: unclear

Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde said another 227 were evacuated on Wednesday – a mix of Swedish citizens, people with permanent residence permits and local staff.


Evacuated (approx): 374

Process ends: unclear

Two planes from Afghanistan with 278 passengers on board landed in Oslo Thursday morning, according to the Norwegian news agency NTB.

Crowds of people wait outside Kabul airport, Afghanistan, August 25
Crowds of people wait outside Kabul airport on Wednesday


Evacuated (approx): 540

Process finished: Already completed

Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Pinko said on Thursday that Hungary completed evacuations in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Among the evacuees were Hungarian, Austrian, Afghan and American nationals, who were flown on a military plane from Kabul to Uzbekistan, and then on a commercial plane to Budapest.

Banko said 57 families had been airlifted, including 180 children.

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Extending Afghan withdrawal date ‘unlikely’


Evacuated (approx): 900

Process finished: Already completed

On Thursday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said about 300 women and 300 children had taken part in the evacuation efforts.

He said the last flight landed in Warsaw at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.


Evacuated (approx): 50

Process ends: unclear

The first group of Afghan translators – 50 – who worked with Lithuanian forces in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2003 arrived in Vilnius this week.

Another 67 were scheduled to be evacuated on Wednesday until all 117 people working with Lithuania were evacuated.

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Evacuated (approx): 29

Process ends: unclear

Reports indicate that around 29 Bulgarian nationals have been evacuated from Afghanistan so far.

Bulgaria said it would grant asylum to some 70 Afghan nationals who worked at its embassy in Kabul and military missions, as well as their families.


Evacuees (approx.): 3700

Process finished: Already completed

Canada ended evacuation efforts on Thursday.

The Acting Chief of Defense Staff, General Wayne Air, said: “We’ve stayed in Afghanistan as long as we can… We wish we could stay longer and save everyone.”


Evacuated (approx): 4000

Operation ends: August 31

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the number of evacuees by Australia is three times the number thought possible last week.

Australia said it was ready to extend evacuations beyond August 31 if the United States did so, but on Wednesday warned of an imminent terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

Australian soldiers rejected hundreds of Afghans who had offered an evacuation flight due to an apparent lack of communication and commitment to bureaucracy.

New Zealand

The number of evacuees: 200

Process ends soon

The New Zealand government will not provide the exact numbers, citing privacy and security reasons, but Admiral Jim Gilmore, commander of New Zealand’s Combined Forces, told Stuff on Wednesday that “about 200” have been evacuated so far.

The State Department stopped accepting resettlement requests for the 37 Afghan interpreters and workers who assisted its forces as of 11.59 p.m. Wednesday, saying it was too dangerous.

It said it would continue to process applications submitted before that, but did not specify the date of its final flights.


Evacuees (approx): 1400

Operation ends: August 31

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said about 1,000 Turkish citizens had been evacuated.

The country began moving its troops on Thursday after the Taliban requested it before August 31 despite Turkey’s demand to continue providing technical support at Kabul airport.

It is not clear whether Turkey would provide this support if it did not have forces to provide security.

“We want good relations with Turkey, the Turkish government and the Muslim people of the Turkish nation,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Tuesday.


Evacuated (approx): 360

Process ends: unknown

About 360 Russian citizens were flown in on Wednesday in the first Russian evacuation flight.

500 Russian citizens are expected to be evacuated, but the ambassador in Kabul said that 100 Russian citizens have decided to stay in Afghanistan for the time being.

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