Afghanistan: 2,000 people who worked in the UK are still waiting for airlift | Afghanistan

Defense sources said 2,000 Afghan interpreters and others who worked with the British government still needed to be flown from Kabul by the RAF, with emergency evacuations reaching their final stages.

There are also still an unknown number of “special cases” – human rights activists, judges, LGBTQ advocates and others – placed on a special list by the Foreign Office pending exit, as well as a small number of Britons of one nationality.

A total of 10,291 people have been evacuated by the Royal Air Force since the fall of Kabul, including 6,380 Afghans, 2,570 Britons and their families, 341 embassy staff as well as nationals from 38 other countries, according to new official figures.

The Ministry of Defense will not be affected by how long the evacuation will take – although defense sources have indicated that it will be Less than 24 to 36 hours to allow the British army to pack their bagsFollowed by the United States.

It is understood that the United States, which has about 6,000 soldiers at the airport, will pack their bags alone. Defense and aid sources estimate that Americans will need two to three days to exit sometime before the August 31 departure deadline.

Earlier on Wednesday Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, said the UK would use its “last hour and day left” to get as many people out as possible before having to leave.

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