Afghan war veteran and former CIA analyst accuses Biden of ‘gaslighting the country’ over homeless evacuation efforts

Brian Metzer.

Afghanistan war veteran and former CIA analyst Matt Zeller speaks on MSNBC screenshot / MSNBC.

  • Biden has been accused by an Afghan veteran and former MSNBC CIA analyst of “enlightening the country.”

  • Matt Zeller said he tried to present a plan to the White House in February to help expel Afghan SIV applicants.

  • Zeller also accused Trump of shutting down the SIV program, saying “there is an accusation of wandering.”

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Matt Zeller, a former CIA analyst who has fought in Afghanistan and advocates for Afghan refugees, told President Joe Biden on Tuesday at MSNBC on the evacuation of SIV applicants that “the country Accused of “gas light”.

“Let’s be clear, the president has to turn off gas lighting in the country,” Zeller said. “We could have done it in a very organized way. There was always a plan.”

Zeller’s remarks come at a time when US forces are continuing to evacuate thousands of people from Afghanistan, a process that is in turmoil and has even led to the deaths of some Afghan civilians.

The Afghan war veteran told MSNBC that he tried to present a plan to the White House in February that would help evacuate certain immigrant visa applicants. .

“If they had listened to us, we would not be in this situation,” he said.

The interview came as news broke that CIA Director Bill Burns met with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul on Monday.

“That’s the end of the war you lose,” Zeller replied. “I hope they make a deal.”

Zeller stressed that the United States would have to stay in Afghanistan after the August 31 withdrawal deadline, and said Biden’s decision would not be based on how many people he evacuated but how many. Left out

“There’s a lot of accusation going around on both sides of the aisle,” Zeller said.

“If the Trump administration hadn’t deliberately shut down the program for four years, we wouldn’t have all the people we need at the last minute,” he said. “If the visa program had actually worked out the design, many of them would have gone out years ago.”

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