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According to authorities, Clinton, Todd Dworkin, 51, and Amber Carlini, 37, are accused of entering a fenced yard where a work vehicle was parked and removing the catalytic converter.

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – On September 7, 2021, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to business in Port Charlotte In reference to a catalytic converter illegally removed from the company’s work vehicle. Investigators processed the scene, locating the women’s sandal and the footprints left behind. Security CCTV footage showed that on the evening of September 3, two suspects, one male and one female, entered a fenced yard where the work vehicle was parked.

The male suspect, later identified as Clinton Todd Dworkin, 51, was seen wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt and white shoes. The suspect, Amber Carlini, 37, was seen wearing a red dress – which does not cover her visible tattoos on her leg and chest – and carrying a pair of sandals. The female also has a large bag with a shoulder strap.

In the video, the suspects are seen approaching and driving around in the car. They are later seen driving away from the car, at which time the male hands the female something to put in the bag. The male is seen carrying another object corresponding to the size and shape of the catalytic converter.

Thanks to advice received by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Clinton Dworkin was developed as a VIP. As the investigation continues, a search warrant has been obtained for Dorkin’s home in North port. In this home’s bedroom, there was a newly cut catalytic converter, with identification numbers dipped down for easy reading. The investigators learned that this made it easier to determine the value of the converter through the recycler.

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Security CCTV footage showed that on the evening of September 3, two suspects, one male and one female, entered a fenced yard where the work vehicle was parked.

Investigators discovered that Dorkin was arrested in Lake City, Florida on September 19 on unrelated charges. The vehicle he was driving at the time of his arrest matched the sheriff’s description of a van involved in the theft of another catalytic converter in Charlotte County. A search warrant was issued for the truck, and inmates found two lithium battery-powered reciprocating saws, used multiple saw blades, a blue T-shirt matching the one the suspect was wearing in the video, a scrap yard transaction form, and a W-2 in the name of Amber Carlini.

The shoes Durkin was wearing at the time of his arrest matched the size and style found at the scene. Amber Carlini was arrested after she was identified as the passenger in a parking lot on September 25. Dworkin is currently in the District of Columbia Jail.

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