Adele’s canceled Vegas parties will cost Caesars Palace £111m according to star Lauren

One of Loren’s stars claimed that the canceled Adele’s gigs in Las Vegas would “cost Caesar Palace £110m” if she never returned.

ITV entertainment reporter Ross King appeared live from Los Angeles to discuss the singer’s recently canceled shows, and her relationship on the rocks.

Ross revealed the potential damage to Caesar's finances due to the cancellation


Ross revealed the potential damage to Caesar’s finances due to the cancellationCredit: ITV
Adele canceled her performances at the Las Vegas venue earlier this month


Adele canceled her performances at the Las Vegas venue earlier this monthCredit: INSTAGRAM

Adele, 33, is said to have spent the past week Barricaded in her boyfriend’s house Trying to save their relationship after a long time apart from each other dramatically.

The Sun exclusively revealed how she and the sports agent are Rich Bowl – who started dating last year – have been struggling to see each other lately.

The star was caught trying to salvage her weekend shows before canceling her 24-date stay at Caesars Palace just hours before her debut.

ITV host Lauren, 62, He actually sat down with journalist Ross, 59, to discuss the news of his friend when he talked about Caesar’s losses.

The journalist detailed the surprising figure that the hotel and casino would have given up had Adele not returned there.

Ross began “the latest allegation that all is not well with her boyfriend Rich Paul.” “They say that’s part of the reason they pulled off the wagons.

“There is no confirmation of that; what I can confirm though is that sources in Vegas, they were telling me there was a whole bunch of things that didn’t go well.

“Caesars Palace very much want the gigs to continue because if they don’t they will lose close to $150m (£111m).

“They really want it to happen and say they are doing everything they can to make it happen, so now it’s all on Adele’s side.

“I have to say, here they aren’t particularly confident that the Vegas dates will go forward. Let’s hope they eventually do.”

It comes as Adele has stopped playing her planned role in The Brits, leaving chiefs scrambling to make arrangements. For the February 8th party.

A source said: “Adele’s performance that night was confirmed, but she has now pulled out – which was a huge blow to the organisers.

“They’re talking to her team to see if she can show up via the video link. It’s a huge headache but they want to share it in any way that agrees with her.”

The Sun revealed on Sunday that Adele was going to sing At her first British concert in five years Before you cancel a few weeks from now.

The source continued: “There appears to be fears of another backlash if she has performed on Brits shortly after her Vegas shows were canceled at the last minute.

“This decision has understandably caused a great deal of disappointment, and in the aftermath, Adele and her team have decided to cancel her British performance.”

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