Adele San Diego signals listeners’ excitement (Chula Vista gets a shout out, too)

San Diego – It looks like Adele broke her heart in Chula Vista, and San Diego has a few questions.

The revelation on “Wild Wild West” came from the English pop star’s new album “30”. The song makes six references to California cities, including unsurprising shouts to Los Angeles and San Francisco but also someā€¦ less traditional areas (Modesto, San Bernardino?).

However, for Saint Diegans, it’s the South Bay trend that really sparked interest.

“I lost my mind in San Bernardino, even Chula Vista and Modesto, you broke my heart in San Diego,” Singer and songwriter.

“Wild Wild West” is a bonus track exclusive to albums sold at Target, but as word of the song reached a wider audience, theories started pouring in about what brought Adele to America’s best town.

“Why on earth was Adele in chula vista?” One Twitter user books. “Shopping at the Plaza Bonita Mall?”

Came “My only theory so far is El Gordo tacos” Another listener reply.

Estimates differ, but references to it Beloved South Bay Foundation They were at the top of the list. “Imagine seeing Adele in tacos (el) gordo,” another person books.

Others simply wanted consolation:

FOX 5 reached out to Adele’s PR team to ask about recent trips to San Diego and any of her favorite spots in the city. We expect a response at any moment.

she has Latest main show in San Diego back in 2011. It was so in demand that it quickly sold out and Pay premium prices on resale sites, even after it was moved from Humphrey’s concerts from the bay to the largest outdoor venue at San Diego State University (now known as Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater).

Adele dazzled in a show The San Diego Union-Tribune has been described as a “witch,” But when her next big tour of North America came in 2016, it didn’t include a stop in San Diego. The singer instead opted for Six Nights in Los Angeles, a trip that San Diego fans were no doubt willing to take.

The London-born singer calls Los Angeles his home, with three homes in the Beverly Hills area, According to a recent interview with British Vogue,. It’s possible that Adele will steer clear of her upcoming tour south to attend a concert in San Diego, but details haven’t been announced yet.

Regardless of all the fun speculation, it’s worth considering whether Adele’s words are taken a little more literally. The album is her first since the high-profile singer’s divorce, and deals with themes of heartbreak and loss throughout.

This song is no exception, as Adele sang about “dressing in a big white dress” and raising a child in the “Wild West” before “so soaking” and ending up “very sad and exhausted.” If Adele is grieving over the relationship she built and lost in California, every bit of the Golden State likely has to do with her broken heart. In addition, cities fit their rhyme scheme.

If you ask us, however, our money is on Tacos El Gordo.


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