Adele and Rich Paul look different from each other, but the new guy is really someone like her

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Adele and Rich Paul look different from each other, but the new guy is really someone like her

With the divorce just four months ago, fans were expecting Adele’s new album to be another heart-breaking record.

But after the 33-year-old singer Like You made a rare public appearance – at a basketball game with US sports agent Rich Paul – her songs could be more about love than loss.

Strange similarities between Adele and new pressure Rich Paul after the duo sparked dating rumors with a public appearance at a US basketball Getty

Their outings together made tongues tremble, with neither side denying the claims it was an ingredient.

And the powerful couple certainly have a lot in common, including their humble beginnings.

While Adele grew up in a tiny flat above a discounted furniture store with her mother Penny in West Norwood, South London, Rich, 39, lives in a one-bedroom flat above a grocery store run by his hardworking father Rich Sr.

Self-made Rich has amassed a fortune of £34 million and counts basketball star and close friend LeBron James as one of his clients.

Similarly, Adele is one of the richest singers in the world, with a net worth of £130 million, and she has Hollywood girlfriends Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz.

‘He never forgot where he came from’

However, despite their fame and fortune, both have remained solid, staying close to their roots and childhood friends.

Growing up, Little Richard – as he was known to his family – showed signs of a strong work ethic, getting up daily at 6.30am with his father to serve the locals of Glenville, Cleveland, Ohio.

His proud uncle, John Paul Jr., 77, told The Sun: “We knew he was special.

Little Richard was always at the grocery store with his dad, mingling with customers.

“From a young age he learned how to deal with people.

“You can see that this kid is going to be something.

“He was an entrepreneur from a very young age. He loved being his own boss.

Rich, right, and Adele's outing together led to tongues swinging, with neither party denying the claims it was an element
Rich, right, and Adele’s outing together led to tongues swinging, with neither party denying the claims it was an elementcredit: Getty

“His father was a true pioneer. He learned more from his father and from the shop on the people side than the business side.”

It was a tough neighborhood, but as Rich got older, his father found the money to send him across town to Catholic Benedictine High School.

Rich’s uncle said, “His father sacrificed some things he could have done for himself to make sure Little Rich went to the best schools.

“I don’t know how he’d do it, but he did. Where Rich came from, not many people ran away.

“He was able to escape, and not only that, he really thrived on something no one else in the field had done.

difficult neighborhood حي

There was a lot of drugs and robberies and murders and things like that. He was surrounded in his own country Environment, but he did not fall prey to it. His father made sure of it.

“He didn’t want anything. I mean, of course he wanted a new car and to be better dressed and that kind of thing, but that was out of the question. We were humble people.”

Rich Sr., who died in 2000, has been described as a “pillar of society” who has always helped people.

It’s a generosity that relatives say Rich Jr. has also shown.

After he made his fortune, he bought his late mother a Mercedes and his sister a house.

On his nephew’s success, John added: “He’s the same guy, he’s never forgotten where he came from.

A picture of Adele and Rich at a basketball game in the United States
A picture of Adele and Rich at a basketball game in the United Statescredit: Getty

“He has the same friends. Money has not changed him. He is definitely a family man. He is very generous to his relatives.”

After Rich dropped out of school, he started selling vintage sports jerseys from the trunk of his car.

But in 2002, a chance encounter changed his life.

He bumped into 17-year-old LeBron James – who was her high school senior at her time Basketball player – At the airport on the way to Atlanta.

LeBron was fascinated by the replica sports jersey that Rich was wearing.

‘Family loving man’

he gave lebron The name of his supplier in Atlanta and asked to drop his name for a discount. The two have been great friends ever since.

Speaking in 2014, Rich said, “It was fate. I could have missed the plane. I could have taken an early flight. I couldn’t have put the shirt on.”

“I could have had a bad day and not talked to him.”

“We hit it off right away,” said LeBron, 36. “Every time I did something I would call Rich and ask him if he could do it.

“And he was saying, ‘I’ll be there,’ and he was.”


age: 33

Boy: south london

Profession: super star singer

Young: Angelo, eight

Deserve: 130 million pounds sterling

Properties: Three mansions in Los Angeles

colleagues: Jennifer Lawrence

The duo traveled to amateur tournaments together, and played friendly matches basketball matches And they talked about their girlfriends and their favorite TV shows.

LeBron added, “He had all these life skills he got from his dad and soon all these people asked me, ‘Why is this guy from Cleveland? “

The rising sports star went on to become the greatest basketball player since then Michael JordanWinning four NBA championships.

His net worth is around £360 million and he can currently be seen starring in the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy.

After signing his first NBA contract in 2003, LeBron immediately brought Rich on his staff, paying him £36,000 a year.

Gained a reputation as a hard-to-find negotiator

“He told me he doesn’t really have a job for me but he wants me soon and we’ll find out,” Rich said.

He became one of the three confidants of the player who, along with lebronThey called themselves the Four Horsemen.

They had a signature handshake and even put the same silhouette of a knight on their coaches.

Rich started designing LeBron and then helped him practice for his Nike ads, suggesting ways for him to be more entertaining.

He also absorbed the advice of powerful personalities that he now mixed in, including the billionaire investor Warren Buffett Music and film mogul David Geffen.

Rich picture as a child
Rich picture as a childCredit: Twitter / Rich Paul

Rich said, “I was a sponge. I just tuned in whenever we had these meetings.

“LeBron had no obligation to me. I had no right to anything. I wanted to be of value.”

Rich went to work for LeBron’s agent leon rose, but in 2012 he left to found his own company, Klutch Sports – now part of the United Talent Agency – and became a LeBron agent.

He’s built a list of top sports stars and earned a reputation as a tough negotiator, willing to publicly lobby for big-money moves for his clients.

Critics wondered how someone with only a high school diploma could become a certified agent, but his business continued to thrive.

Rich with his ex-wife and daughter Ryona, center
Rich with his ex-wife and daughter Ryona, center

In 2020, he was ranked ninth in Forbes’ list of the most powerful sports agents.

He owns two Los Angeles homes, including a six-bedroom £10 million home in Beverly Hills, four miles from Adele’s homes in the same neighbourhood.

She owns three mansions adjacent to each other, and bought her third this year for £7m from reality star pal Nicole Richie.

While Rich has kept most of his past dating history private, in 2019 he linked up with jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer.

Jennifer, 44, is the daughter of Ronald Mayer, the former vice president of the giant entertainment company NBC Universal.

Adele back in the day as a kid
Adele back in the day as a kidCredit: Splash News

She shares two children with Spider-Man Actor Tobey Maguire, 46. They married in 2007 but divorced in 2016. Rich has three children: Riona, Richie and Zane.

Pictures on social media showed his daughter, Riona, 19, standing with him and nurse Candice Jones, who is believed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Pictures also showed Candice and Rich partying at LeBron’s New Year’s Eve party in 2005.

Adele has finalized her divorce from British Charitable Association President Simon Konecki, 47, in Mar. They share custody of their eight-year-old son, Angelo.

The 15-time Grammy winner is said to have given her ex-husband, who is still in the UK, one of her three Beverly Hills homes.

unknown similarity

The divorce marked a difficult few months for the singer, whose estranged father Mark passed away in May, after a battle with cancer.

Last year, she got engaged to a British artist Skepta, 38, but later confirmed that she is still single.

She rarely goes to public events, which is why being with Rich at the NBA Finals in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday is seen as so important.

ESPN Sports host Brian Windhurst later revealed in an audio clip: “Rich Paul brings his girlfriend to the game to sit next to LeBron. His girlfriend is Adele.”

“This is the first time they’ve gone out in public together.” But any relationship is still very low.

“I didn’t even know about the relationship with Adele,” said Rich’s classmate Terence Parker, who is currently staying at his Beverly Hills home.

“The first time I learned about it was last night when I saw it on TV.”


age: 39

Boy: West Cleveland

Profession: a huge sports agent

Young: Ryuna, 19 years old, Ritchie, Zayn

Deserve: £34m

PropertiesTwo mansions in Los Angeles

colleagues: LeBron James

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