Add 90% extra battery to your iPhone with this 5000mAh case

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Add 90% extra battery to your iPhone with this 5000mAh case

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With smartphone prices soaring, now for some people over $ 1000, there’s really no excuse not to keep your device safe. Even the most beautiful among us sometimes comes with titans. But cracked screens aren’t the only thing iPhone owners face. Battery depletion Many phones showed their power during a marathon once a few days, barely an afternoon. thanks , Zero Lemon iPhone Battery Case Resolves both issues simultaneously. Even better, it can only be yours at the usual 34.99, at the usual قیمت 39 price at 12.

The Zero Lemon case collection covers the iPhone 12 Pro Max and offers a 5000mAh battery size. This can increase the current battery life of your phone by up to 90%. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. If that’s not enough, it’s worth the Qi, which allows wireless charging for both you and your phone when set to the same pad.

Despite the extra battery and safety features such as raised air cushion corners, this issue won’t interfere with your daily phone use as usual. The buttons and power port are still easily accessible, so you can use the usual wired headphones, traditional charging cables, or carplay functions. And the people at Zero Lemon have made sure that you keep this thin black case so thin that it doesn’t feel like a brick to fit comfortably in your pocket.

Don’t worry about the buyer’s remorse. If you are not satisfied with your purchase. Returns are accepted within 30 days of shipment. So what’s stopping you? Take advantage of this amazing deal by grabbing the Zero Lemon iPhone battery case today Only. At 34.99.

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