Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders and Simon Gregson of Corrie to enter I’m A Celebrity

Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt are set to join the stars of I’m A Celebrity at the castle. Their first appearance on ITV will be shown tomorrow

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I’m a Celebrity: ft Adam Woodyat and Simon Gregson

Simon Gregson and Adam Widyat to enter I’m famous.

The Coronation Street actor and East Enders The star will arrive at the castle in scenes broadcast during tomorrow night’s show, as fans get a sneak peek at the new arrivals at the end of tonight’s show.

Simon is best known for starring in Steve MacDonald in ITV soap Coronation Street, while Adam is best known to UK viewers for playing Ian Bell in EastEnders for more than three decades.

It is not uncommon I’m famous To highlight the late arrivals, with names Simon and Adam at the top of a long list of celebrities who wandered into the castle – or woods – just days after their first meal.

Adam Woodyatt Joins the Cast of I’m A Celebrity 2021

He will enter the castle alongside fellow soap maker Simon Gregson

In the past year, Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson have been latecomers, while in the past, they’ve also included the likes of fellow Cory star Andy Woll Maiment and Cliff Baresi of East Enders as well as Noel Edmunds – Who is still one of the highest paid celebrities ever to enter the show – And Allison Hammond in the 2010 series.

No doubt fans will be thrilled to see the pair join the others in the castle, as they are They took to Twitter during the launch show to ask about the whereabouts of Simon and Adam – After rumors circulated that the couple would join the squad.

“Were things about Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt joining the trash?” One questioned online.

Adam is ready to take over the castle

It won’t be an easy journey for Simon

Insiders had previously claimed that signing up for the show was a huge hit for ITV chiefs.

“The chiefs know that Kuri fans will be standing right behind him,” A source previously shared Simon’s post on the showEveryone knows Simon as Steve, but now they’re going to see a completely different side of him for the first time.

“Simon has previously avoided all reality shows and has turned down ‘I’m a Celebrity’ many times before. But now his kids are older, and he’s starting to think the timing was right.”

Gwrych Castle in North Wales will become their home over the next few weeks

The show, which took place in Wales again this year, is believed to have been a factor in Simon’s approval of the show, while Ian co-starred. Tamsin Authwaite Tell The Mirror Exclusive that Adam would be “brilliant” in the program.

When asked how she thought he would cope, she said, “Brilliantly. He’s very flexible, loves his food and will eat anything.”

“He’s definitely not like his character. He’s a likable guy and you’ll see the real side of him.”

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