Activists followed Cinema to the bathroom, then went back to saying that the campus should be a safe place

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time” on HBO, presenter Bill Maher mocked activists who followed Sen. Kirsten Sinema (D-AZ) into the bathroom by joking that after following Sinema in the bathroom, they “returned to demand that we make a campus” space. Safe. He stated that when things like the bathroom incident happen, “I don’t know where it ends.”

Maher stated, “So, she was at Arizona State University at an event and a group of Generation Z activists followed her to the bathroom, and she started yelling at her in the bathroom, while she was peeing. Then they came back to demand that we make campus a safe place. Yeah, I think that’s a bit exaggerated. “.

Maher later said, “I think that’s outrageous. I just – I mean, you might not like politics. But when this crap starts to happen, I don’t know where the safe space in America is, and I don’t know where it ends.”

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