According to the report, GM will not resume production of bolts as soon as possible by the end of January.

We like the bolt, but when it has a properly functioning battery pack we will prefer it.

Andrew Crook / Road Show

Things aren’t ideal in General Motorsland right now. Chevy Bolt, currently the cornerstone of the brand’s EV efforts (mostly because it has been the only one in production), Burke type.

With important battery issues that are needed. A massive memory According to a report in Automotive News on Thursday, to replace the pack, it is not surprising that GM will not resume production of small electric hatchbacks after January.

“GM has informed Orion Assembly employees that the plant will extend downtime until the week of January 24, 2022, to prioritize repairs,” a GM representative said in a statement. “We will keep employees informed of any additional production schedule adjustments in a timely manner, as we will continue to focus on changing battery modules.”

The Bolt recall, which was recently rolled out to about 140,000 vehicles, is proving to be incredibly time consuming and potentially quite frustrating for consumers, so before returning to the Bolts construction business To make sure everything is right, maybe very clever. By General.

The Orion plant that makes the bolts has been shut down almost completely since August, except for two weeks of limited production in November. Reason to run two weeks production? Thanks to the users. Again, be careful because anyone who buys a bolt won’t be happy with a Spark or any other ICE-powered lunar car while its EV is recovering.

The only good thing about GM getting out of this is that it somehow managed to convince the battery provider for the bolt pack – LG – To take the 2 billion bill for the whole thing.

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