Abandoned buildings in Mississippi have been documented through photographs and have appeared in a new book

When Tennessee Photographer Jay Farrell Sees abandoned buildingHe sees opportunities to learn who lived or worked there and how society has changed.

“I try to see what things are left behind and what stories they can tell,” said Farrell, who lives there. Nashville.

He’s traveled around Mississippi and other southern states to take pictures of abandoned buildings. Farrell posted those photos and history about buildings and communities in a Book series.

Tennessee photographer Jay Farrell travels around Mississippi and other southern states to take photographs of abandoned buildings.  He learned about the history of the buildings and published his photographs in a series of books.

His books on Mississippi are curated from two trips, one in February 2019 in the northern part of the state between delta And Starkville, And another in December 2019 in the southern part of the state included a stop at HattiesburgAnd Macomb And Natchez.

“Mississippi is one of those states that people don’t talk about or people don’t explore,” Farrell said. “It’s a country that not many people know about unless you’re from there.”

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