A special meeting was held to discuss the mandate of vaccination for students in West Contra Costa

CONTRA COSTA, CA (KRON) – The West Contra Costa Unified School District was in an ongoing special meeting Thursday to discuss a proposal to require all eligible students 12 years of age and older to be vaccinated.

If passed, the school district would be the fourth East Bay school system to require student vaccinations.

Three and a half hours later, the school board members are still debating this hot topic.

So far, a lot of enthusiastic parents and teachers have spoken at the meeting.

In addition to those who appeared in person, more than 350 people adjusted the zoom.

The public comment was a mixed bag – many people spoke out against vaccination mandates and others in strong support, saying this was the best way to protect students and the community.

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The Contra Costa County health official put out a letter Thursday that reads in part:

“For the safety and health of students, families, and the community, and as an effective tool to help keep students in the classroom, I offer my strong support to every school district that takes ongoing and additional steps to promote COVID-19 vaccination for their students.”

Earlier this month, West Contra Costa Unified was about to become the first Bay Area school district to approve student vaccinations, but the original meeting was pushed back to Thursday.

Instead, the Oakland Unified School District became the first to agree to such an authorization last week and several other schools have since followed suit.

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