A richer life is based on basic principles

There is an old saying that money buys happiness. Although many people think that money brings satisfaction, this is not really the case. A rich life depends on the intangible quality that makes a person’s content, not monetary content.

Consider all the rich people who have been married more than once, who have gone bankrupt despite making millions, or whose family life has been completely disrupted. Money did not solve their problems, nor did it provide comfort and satisfaction.

There are some basic life lessons to embrace.

If it can be embraced, our lives can be filled with more vivid and long-lasting memories. It will not be based on transient and unsustainable fads.

Advertising should be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism.

Although advertisements provide us with information about the products we are considering buying, the main objective is to convince us to buy things. It is designed to present a product in the best possible light and create the need to obtain it. Advertising tries to change the way we think so that we think what we don’t have is better than what we have.

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