A man tried to run over people with a truck, and died after being hit by the crowd: cops

Hawthorne, Calif. (AFP) – A man died after trying to hit people on the sidewalk with his truck, crashing into a building and then towing and hitting the group in Southern California, authorities said.

Lt. Hugo Rinaga, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said the man was asked to leave a business in Hawthorne early Saturday and then quarreled with someone as he walked to his truck.

Then the man deliberately drove the truck to the curb, nearly hitting a group of shepherds before his truck got stuck in a tree. Daily Breeze mentioned.

When the shepherds tried to get the man out of the driver’s seat, Rinaga said, he sped up again and crashed into the corner of an adjacent building.

Deputy Mayor Grace Medrano said the shepherds took the driver from the truck and continued to fight with him when Hawthorne Police arrived.

Medrano said the driver suffered a severe shock. Died at the scene.

Rinaga said the incident was recorded via surveillance video, but the footage was grainy and the fight behind the truck happened partially out of sight.

“You could see there was a brawl going on, but you can’t tell who’s doing what,” he told the newspaper.


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