A man has been caught in a video clip running a punch at a 60-year-old woman on a New York subway platform.

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A man has been caught in a video clip running a punch at a 60-year-old woman on a New York subway platform.

Police resume for information about a man who has been arrested Video punching Passengers at Grand Central Terminal V New York City.

New York Police Department They ask anyone with information to apply. The identity of the attacker is currently unknown, but the victim is Lusby Gallego, a 60-year-old woman.

Authorities state that the accident occurred on July 15 at approximately 10.13 p.m. in Grand Central. Then he is believed to have left on a northbound subway. Law enforcement understands that the attack was not justified.

Ms. Gallego sustained head and arm injuries and was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital. Viviana Martinez, the victim’s daughter, gave more details about what happened to her mother.

“You know when you see this stuff in the news, you never expect it to happen to your mom. It was so sad,” she said. CBS New York.

Ms Martinez went on to explain how her mother used to come home from work, playing the rosary through headphones as she prayed for a safe return home. When she was attacked, no one helped her and there were no police on the platform.

“She fell on her left arm and was completely disoriented. She didn’t know anything. She started screaming for help and no one helped her, so she just went on the train and called the ambulance from the actual train.”

The attack on Ms Gallego came at a time when crime is believed to be declining in the transportation system run by the capital’s transportation authority. As reported by New York Post, data collected by the New York Police Department shows that crime in the New York subway system is decreasing. Last month, there were 111 major felonies, compared to 168 major felonies in May.

This means that for every million passengers on the network, 2.89 crimes were committed in May. In June, there were 1.78 violations per million passengers.

The Public Transport Authority attributed the drop in crime rates to an increase in police on the train network.

“The latest drop in transit crime began in June, after more than 1,100 NYPD officers were added to the subway system — which came after months of MTA requests,” MTA spokesperson Aaron Donovan said in a statement.

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