A group of 500 strips in San Francisco decides whether to ask for proof of vaccination before entry

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A group of 500 strips in San Francisco decides whether to ask for proof of vaccination before entry

With COVID-19 cases on the rise due to a highly contagious delta variant, a group of more than 500 San Francisco bar owners are considering whether they need vaccine cards to get into their members’ bars across the city, just like New mask recommendations They reached the Gulf region.

The move to check vaccinations when entering bars at the San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance will be on a voluntary basis, but Ben Bleyman – president of the San Francisco Bar Owners Alliance – said the alliance may issue a statement from the 500-member group. Only vaccinated patrons are allowed entry, a move that would include accompanying signs outside participating bars.

“I didn’t know anyone who was [requiring vaccine cards at first], only the most hardcore people,” Bleiman said. In just the past 24 hours, I’ve seen a lot of people change their tunes. So I think we’re in the middle of a big flush.”

Although the coalition likely won’t make a formal decision until next week at the earliest, some coalition members are already starting to get involved: The Vesuvio Cafe in North Beach made the decision Tuesday to require proof of vaccination before entering, owner Janet said. Clyde.

“We’re just getting started because there’s clearly only a segment of the population that hasn’t been vaccinated,” Clyde said. “And until it settles down, I think it’s definitely safer for our employees and customers if we limit indoor spaces to people with proof of vaccination.”

Customers are required to show a photo or QR code showing proof of vaccination before entering Vesuvio. Clyde said she is looking to take a proactive stance on ordering vaccinations for beneficiaries, rather than waiting for government mask mandates. Citing Los Angeles’ mask requirements, Clyde said it was important to “move forward” and that people would understand it.

“We have two employees who have tested positive for the virus and we want to protect our employees and I think we can’t wait. [local government] To develop general guidelines at this point, said Clyde, who noted that both cases were spikes in COVID cases. “I mean, that’s the situation that’s happening right now.”

Bleiman will likely make the change with his own bars as well, he said, which include Teeth, Tonic and Popinski’s Soda. “If, you know, 50, 100, 200 barrs want to put up a sign that says ‘You have to be vaccinated to get in, I think that would have an effect,'” Bleiman said.

Bleiman says he’s heard similar stories of hacks happening at other bars in San Francisco. He echoed Clyde’s assertion that bar owners should come forward with any potential increases to protect employees and businesses.

“I think getting out before that would be really smart and I think our survival will depend on people feeling safe in our organization,” Bleiman said. “And if we can put a line in the sand — and again, we [as an alliance] We haven’t done that yet – but I think there is a possibility if we put a line in the sand for us to get out sooner, and for our clients they feel safer, which means we can get back to normal faster [since] Obviously, we’re not normal yet.”

Bleiman expressed support for the local government, but did not want to wait for guidance from them before making the change to order vaccination cards.

“I think that [the San Francisco government is] “We are still hopeful that our vaccination rates will hold, but we are seeing a lot of people with mild to moderate cases of COVID,” Bleiman said. Before that – and it’s not like we’re closing down or anything, we’re just saying you should have a vaccine.

“I also think, for some reason, that government everywhere — from the feds to the state to the locals — has been very nice to people who haven’t been vaccinated and I think this has to stop,” Pleman continued. “We need to start playing hard with them, they are a bunch of holes, and you can quote me on that. And I’m not talking about people who can’t get [the vaccine]I’m talking to people who can and choose not to. They are selfish and ignorant and put us all at risk and make it difficult for all of us to recover from this. And we need to stop treating them as if they don’t have the right information. The information is there, it doesn’t lie. And they should stop thinking that they know more than scientific experts.”

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