A Florida man uses a recycling bin to catch a large alligator outside his home | US news

Not all heroes wear caps – some wear slides and socks. A US Army veteran who went viral to trap a large Florida alligator in a wheelie boot says he “used the forehead like a hippo’s mouth” to scare the reptile into submission.

When Eugene Posey’s 26-year-old daughter told him “Hey, that huge alligator is whistling at me!” I think it must be a child. New York Post reports. When he saw that she was 1.8 meters tall, he was stunned but did not deter him.

“I said, ‘No, I’m going to remove him because he might be hungry,'” he said. USA Today. “The only thing that crossed my mind was protecting my children and my other children outside.”

So I grabbed the recycling bin, and moved it along the floor, its lid open, toward the crocodile, which was at least as long as the big trash can. In a video uploaded to YouTube, titled:black dundee– The open-mouthed crocodile is facing the box head-on, and at first it slowly shuffles back, a hissing sound. Finally, there’s a pitfall – the crocodile stops moving backwards and a boozy holds the box in place.

A crowd gathered, and Posey asked someone to tell him when the animal’s head got inside the trash. Then Posey lunged forward and flipped the blue basket cover over the crocodile’s head. Sunbeam through the camera. The crocodile wipes and hits straight into the basket. He tries to back off, wagging his tail madly, but Bozzi tilts the box upright and the alligator’s tail disappears before the lid closes on it.

“I was scared when he was inside, because she was so strong. I wasn’t expecting that, he was pushing out and hitting his tail,” Posey told a local news channel. WESH 2.

Denise Sparks was inside her house when she heard the commotion. “I was going to be crocodile food, I would have passed out,” she told WESH 2: I said, ‘What in the world is going on? “I heard boom boom boom.”

“I don’t know the procedures, so I did it my own way,” Bozzi said.

When the video went viral online, many people noticed that Bozzi got the job done wearing slides and socks.

A Twitter user named InfiniteStylz dissected Posey’s choice of clothing. He wrote: “He had no intention of failing.” “I present to you Shape A: White Slippers and Socks (for increased speed, balance, and leverage) Figure B: Solid Black Durag (because, why not) this combination makes anyone rise to the next level, become calm and perform under pressure.”

Posey’s feat made him a great addition to the hallowed halls of “Florida Man”—a term that sums up the number of wild adventures people have taken in the state—and the following titles. Many crocodile include:Florida man caught trying to smuggle dead crocodile in car” And “Florida man accused of throwing alligator at Wendy’s“.

Eventually, Posey moved the box to a nearby storage pond where he tilted it and ran away – before returning briefly once the animal had gone to retrieve the box.

One Twitter user wrote: “When he came back for the trash, could I perish.” “Don’t blame him even though they are over $100.”

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