A family who say their mother’s body was buried in the wrong plot is suing a New York funeral home for 88 million.

Zehra Tayyab

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The two siblings said they were not taken seriously when expressing concerns. Getty Images

  • A family is suing for burying the wrong body in their mother’s plot at a Long Island funeral home.
  • CBS New York reports that 11 siblings are looking for 8 US88 ($ 122) million.
  • The two siblings said they told the funeral director that the body did not belong to their mother.

A family is suing a funeral home in Long Island, New York, for allegedly burying the wrong body in their mother’s plot.

CBS New York reports that the 11 children of Sadie Williams, who died on August 17, are demanding $ US88 million ($ 122) from the Joseph A. Slinger-Hasgel Funeral Home in Amtville.

The lawsuit was filed in Queens on Thursday.

The two siblings told the outlet that they had made it clear to the funeral director that the body shown to them was not their mother’s. I said, “These are not my mother’s nails. There is no sign of burns on her arm,” said Saleema Lee.

“The first time I went in, I said, ‘This isn’t Mom.’ He insisted it was, “said Lee’s brother. “I just kept picking different things,” he added.

He continued: “And he stood on the steps of the funeral home, laughing, walking away, ‘Oh, I hear it all the time. They tell me. People say it all the time. Makes smooth. ”

Joseph A. Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

Three days after the 87-year-old Williams’ service, Lee said he received a phone call from the funeral director who said he was OK.

“Whenever I think about it, I can only see my mother on that cold slab, naked; and when she opened the door she didn’t care and I saw her completely naked on the table, just She was sitting there, waiting for me to find her, “Lee said, according to the outlet.

According to CBS New York, Williams’ body was to be buried within 72 hours, according to Muslim tradition. It’s been 22 days since the funeral.

Funeral errors have also made headlines in the UK. According to the Yorkshire Post, this month, one family was furious and frightened when their parents’ grave was accidentally dug up and then another body was buried.

News and Star reported that in August 2020, hospital owners in Carlisle, England, mixed with corpses, meaning a family unknowingly performed the last rites of the wrong person.

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