A complete guide to Odoo Mobikul POS mobile app builder.

Bring ODO POS in the palm of your hand with the built-in POS mobile app.!


Now, add mobility to your store with Odo Mobicol POS Mobile App Builder and portable tablet devices!

Transform your Audo POS into a mobile application with Mobi App Builder. Now, you can experience convenience and flow with Audo Mobicol POS Mobile App Builder. A hassle-free way to build with Mobikul POS. It brings the features and functionality of Audo POS to tablet devices.

The Audo POS mobile app integrates the best features of the Audo POS with the mobile capabilities into the Audo POS mobile app to improve the convenience, performance and mobility of POS users in your store. can go. Handle POS orders and store users using handheld tablet devices instead of heavy POS system hardware. In addition, it allows you to process orders even when the Internet is down.


  • Use the mobile app to run Audio POS on your tablets.
  • Audo POS mobile apps are designed separately for iOS and Android.
  • Use any platform of your choice to run the Mobikul POS app.
  • Create store customer records in POS at runtime directly from the app.
  • Use the Audo POS mobile app both online and offline.
  • Real-time synchronization of online orders with Odo.
  • In addition, you can place orders while the POS app is offline.
  • When the internet connection is restored, orders taken in offline mode are automatically synchronized with Odo.
  • Navigation rating maintained in POS mobile app.
  • Browse POS Shop using product categories and subcategories.
  • Track orders placed with the Modcol POS app separately in Audo.
  • Admin can view all Audo Mobikol POS orders with mobile app.
  • Keep POS cart functionality enabled in the POS mobile app.
  • Hold multiple POS carts with one click and restart at any time.
  • The held POS basket can be seen in a different menu.


1) The customer can easily login through the app on the mobile screen.

2) The homepage allows you to add products to the cart and has a beautiful design that provides a better user experience.


3) In addition, you can manage category-wise filters in the Audo POS mobile app for ease of navigation.

Category wise filters in Audo POS mobile app.

4) Here, you find an easy way to change cashiers through Odo POS mobile app.

Change the cashier option in the Audo POS mobile app.

5) You can check the details of vehicles that are on hold because you have the feature of holding cards on hold. In the meantime, you help other customers make purchases.

Hold cart page

6) Also, check all the required details of online and offline POSRD.

Separate order page

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Current Product Version – 1.2.0

Supported Framework Versions – Audo V13, V12.

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