A Brooklyn apartment building suffered its second fire in 5 weeks; This time, residents hope the force will return soon – CBS New York

New York (CBS New York) – one population Brooklyn Apartment building still in darkness after a fire on Sunday night.

Seven people were injured, including a critically injured resident and a lightly injured firefighter, CBS2’s Ondrea Klein Thomas reported Monday.

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“When I opened the window and the door all the smoke came in and started suffocating me,” Joyette Bryant said.

When Bryant came home from the hospital, it was three Appointment Technicians carried her wheelchair to the front of her apartment building on Herkimer Street.

In all, seven people were injured after a fire broke out in the electrical room just before 11:30 pm on Sunday, leaving all units in the dark.

“They were vomiting because of the smoke. I even saw one of the firefighters. He was on the ground because he wasn’t wearing his mask,” a resident of MD Islam said.

While Con Ed crews worked to restore power, residents navigated black corridors and cold apartments.

“It’s really terrible. It’s cold. You can’t really move like you want to,” said one of the women.

However, the déjà vu is for those who live in the building.

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“This is the second time. I hope it never lasts 25 days again,” said Dennis Livingston.

After a similar fire on December 21, electricity was not fully restored for weeks.

The last time we went to the neighborhood and they helped us. “They helped us charge our phones and charge our laptops,” Seif El-Din said.

But for now, they are waiting.

“I need my medicine. It has to go in the fridge. The fridge isn’t on, so what do I do now?” Bryant said.

They said they hope to solve the problem once and for all.

“I don’t want this to happen again. Next time we might be dead,” Bryant said.

According to Con Ed, crews can only provide temporary power for elevators, common area lighting, heating, and hot water. The building owner’s electrician will have to come and replace the damaged equipment before the units can be fully powered back.

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East Brooklyn Mutual Aid Company caters to residents during the week. The organization also responded during the first shooting.


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