9 Best Ways to SMS Marketing this Year

Want to create an effective SMS marketing campaign for your local business?

Did you know that Text is the only marketing channel with 98% open rate?

On August 19, I moderated a webinar sponsored by Thomas Clausen, Podium’s Partner Marketing Manager.

He explains what SMS marketing looks like and ways to run an effective campaign as a local business.

Here is an overview of the webinar presentation.

SMS marketing is an exercise in converting leads or sending text messages to keep users engaged.

However, text is rarely used. With instant messaging and related content, SMS marketing can actually strengthen the relationship.

Text vs. email.

When was the last time you received a marketing email with 98 open rate?

You guessed it: it never was.

Email numbers.

This is amazing, but it doesn’t happen by email. However, for businesses that send SMS, this is the average open rate.

Ninety-five percent of texts are opened within three minutes, 200 times more than by phone, email or Facebook.

Text by numbers

Text-based offers and discounts for coupons create good open rates.

SMS Marketing Myths Revealed

Myth 1: SMS marketing always does business in trouble.

When done correctly, it has a significant impact on customers.

Myth 2: SMS marketing is spam.

Synchronized SMS marketing requires transparent and only messaging people who have chosen.

By selecting, you agree to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as well as other similar regulations.

Myth 3: The rules of SMS marketing are too complex to understand.

Send them relevant content that will get them excited to work with your company once you get their opt-in permission.

It is important to follow rules and common sense practices to keep your customers happy.

How To Be Effective With SMS Marketing

The first priority of SMS marketing is to be effective and increase conversions.

Local businesses use SMS marketing to engage new customers, increase customer lifetime value and generate revenue.

You don’t want to annoy customers, you don’t want to damage your brand, or you want to hurt consumers.

It is important to give your writing a sense of one-on-one communication and value.

Here are some key pointers in moving forward.

1. Opt in.

  • Don’t ignore opt-in and opt-out rules. Non-compliance undermines trust and damages your reputation.
  • Get proper consent. You can also collect opt-ins at some of your customer’s touch points along the way. By using them, your list will grow automatically.

Get proper consent.

2. Messaging.

  • Don’t use foul language. This is a risk of unprofessional and misunderstandings with your customers.
  • Use simple and conversational language. Make your messages light, concise, and conversational – as if you’re talking to a friend.

3. Offer

  • Provide price. Make your content specific and relevant to the demographics you’re targeting.
  • Add a CTA.. If you don’t include call to action, you miss the point of SMS marketing. Messages should include direct call to action such as “Check it out!” “stop by!” Or “Leave a review!”
  • Track performance. You need to keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing and see if you can make any adjustments.

4. Personalization.

  • Don’t sound like a lot of text. Make it sound like you’re talking to one person.
  • Market like a man. Today’s consumers want to be more personal in their brand conversations.

Market like a man.

  • Don’t send too often. It has more to do with the content of your messages than you send them. Expensive campaigns are less likely to cause problems.
  • Send during business hours. Send text during working hours to respect the privacy of your customers.
  • Don’t forget to identify yourself. Find a way to be creative with each successive message so it doesn’t stale.
  • Reply in real time. To increase contact and avoid disconnection, try to respond as soon as possible.

What looks good

Pinky Palm does a great job of expiration dates, personalizing their message, and encouraging specific questions that lead to transactions.

Their text table payment links make their conversations even more valuable to their customers.

Pinky Palm - SMS Example

Sam’s cycling addresses Rachel by name and immediately identifies herself.

He also takes his birthday as an opportunity to benefit Rachel and encourage conversation by “sending questions without hesitation.”

Sam's Cycling - Example of SMS

LB Carpeting uses SMS marketing for an effective referral campaign, which encourages responsiveness with their attractive promotion and comprehensive feel.

LB Carpeting - SMS Example

Market like a pro with podium campaigns.

Create and manage opt-in lists, use targeted offers to engage your customers through messaging, and report on engagement efforts.

  • Create quick text campaigns.
  • Easily submit opt-ins to customer journeys.
  • Keep talking from the same inbox.

Not all SMS marketing tools are created equal.

With Podium campaigns, local businesses are able to create and manage opt-in lists, use targeted offers to engage their customers through messaging, and report engagement efforts.

Key Tips

  • When you get their opt-in permission, send content that is relevant to them and why they want to work with you.
  • Your content must provide real value.
  • The text should have a sense of communication and value.

[Slides] 9 Best Ways to Market SMS in 2021

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